Humor-less wench


So a friend of mine got irritated with me today.  She angrily asked if I think everything is funny, if I take anything in my life seriously.  She asked if there is anything I do NOT joke about. 

The answer? No. I take plenty seriously… but the fact if the matter is, life is too short.  Simple as that. 

I use my odd sense of humor kind of like a coping mechanism.  If something is stressing me out, like say my health or that stupid red light ticket, I find a way to make light of it. 

I mean come on now.  There has got to be an award for knowing every single rest stop on interstate 94… through two different states!  :)

As I’ve said before. I have a panic/anxiety disorder.  The fact that I can joke my way through a hospital visit, car problems and a 3 year old who is hell bent on world domination via annoyance, is a major plus.

More importantly, what’s the point in being upset about something that at this current moment in time I cannot change?

Lighten up folks. Life is not that bad…. and a joke here and there won’t kill you….

Unless you’re standing in a corner, Hood up, brooding.


2 thoughts on “Humor-less wench

  1. Emily

    Hell, if we took life any more serious there would be a major wine/vodka/jack shortage. I’d rather make a snarky ”I’m gonna baste muh kid in katsup” comment then say “God dang it, when the HELL am I ever going to get a full night of SLEEP… it’s been over 7 months!!!!” And I’d rather joke about my student loan company is gonna have to repo my edumication… then actually morn over the suckiness of bills with others… And I think all would agree… That’s why God/the muck we came from gave us humor, it’s easier than murder. *shrugs* <3

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