Foodstamps. Welfare. Do I have to beat you over the head?


Food Stamps and Welfare are there to help people out during rough financial times.  Simple as that.  Yes there are people who abuse the system, but it’s a lot less common than you think.  I know I used think badly driving past the welfare office and seeing the nice cars in the parking lot or women using food stamps while they are carrying a coach purse.  I was closed minded.  If you actually give some one a break and listen to them, chances are you might explain away all of those things.

I follow a blogger who just started to receive food stamps.  She drives a (nearly) brand new Lincoln.  Her clothes are name brand, nothing but the best.  Her children have nice clothes, new toys and a video game system.  She lives in a 2 story, 5 bedroom home.

She used to make $210,000 a year.

Then she was laid off.

Now she can’t find work.

She has sold some of her possessions to feed her children.  Auctioned off a good deal of her name brand name things.  It finally came down to applying for food stamps.

She has all of these nice things because she EARNED them.  She was (and will be again) very successful business woman.  She fell on hard times.  She’s not abusing the system she has paid into.

My point being is that times are hard.  Some one who makes a good amount of money one year, might be laid off tomorrow.  Don’t judge a book by the cover.



I really hate hearing these stories from my friends.  It makes me want to punch someone’s grandma in the throat.


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