Facebook Offends… aaaaand go!


I love facebook I do.  I love posting vague status updates.  Especially ones that I actually don’t put any thought into.  Just type in and let go… and chase with several beers.  Then the texts come in.  Asking if the status update is pertaining to you.  Asking if I’m mad.  Asking if something is wrong.

Usually by this point I’ve moved on from facebook to wondering how P!nk got in my mp3 list on my phone.   So I’m cursing at my smart phone, trying to drunkenly root through my folders so I can delete said artist, and you’re texting me and confusing me.  What?  You’re mad because I want to delete P!nk?  Is something wrong?  YES.  I don’t want to RAISE MY GLASS.  Where the hell is that mp3!!!??

By the time I actually pay attention to your texts, messages and emails (if  you can’t tell this is a vague blog… indirect.  Bahahaha)  I am aggravated and no longer care about playing nice.

So yes.  That was pertaining to you.  If I post something general and vague… and you worry it’s about you.  It is.

From now now.  That’s the rule.

You’re so vain… you think this blog post is about you.





5 thoughts on “Facebook Offends… aaaaand go!

  1. Emily

    But…. But… But… it Just HAS to be about me. I am ALL that you think, eat, sleep and dream about! I am YOU… you are ME. I just know it’s so, I just know it! *charges phone to begin a never ending quest of text messages* *sobs* <3 *snort*

  2. Emily

    *squeals* She knows my name!!!! She knows ME!!!! Lookie, she called me Em!!!

    too over the top? Yeah I thought so.

    I do however have a few puffy cheetos left.. AND NO MORE “Not muh kitteh’s” I had two new ones and a possum fighting over the trash the other night. All though it was fun rushing out the door and screaming like a little boy… I did wait till the possum was gone first…. them buggers are NASTY… but I digress… What were we talking about? Me? Right? No? Did some one say coffee? *wanders off*

  3. JenN-Moo

    You mean it’s NOT about me? *sniff sniff* Oh wait, you mean it IS ABOUT ME!? *GRRRRR* You can just kiss my…oh wait, what were we talking about again? Cheeto’s? Not a fan. Cool Ranch Doritos, now if you have those I’m there. Oh heck yeah!

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