Hello, this is NOT my ego talking.


Okay, well it is a little bit, but as many of my close friends know, only 2 things have ever beat down my ego… and it’s back in full force each time.  :) So deal with it.

So you know I’ve been thinking for a little bit.  I’m well aware that I can have a boyfriend at the drop of a hat.  I know this.  I know I have plenty to choose from (for fuck’s sake look at my entourage).  Hell.  A little of every genre in there.. it’s like a hodge podge of delicious-ness.  A lot of my female friends (as well as some of my guy friends) have been asking me “If you’re looking to date, why don’t you date one of them?”

You know what?  I could.  I could take guy A from the bar.  The one who just saw me dance and bought me a drink.  I could hang out with him and slap “relationship” on it.  I could be exclusive.  I could snark at any female who looked at him.  Then 3 weeks later, I could get sick of him, then meet up with guy B and start all over.  Rinse and Repeat, I could change boyfriends as much as I change my panties.  You couldn’t keep up with my facebook relationship statuses.  Every time you’d sign on it’d be “In a relationship with….”.  Or not.  Or I could take it a step farther and get engaged every 6 months.  Gush about a wedding, and then break up because the way he chews his food annoys me.  Or he cheated on me 3 times with bar girls.  Whatever you prefer.  Whatever is more entertaining for the masses.

Is anyone getting my point yet?  I do not jump into relationships anymore.  No.  I’d rather impale myself.  Thankyouverymuch.  We’re not teenagers any more ladies.  Hell, I’m only in my early 20’s and I’ve been married.  Been there.  Done that.  I’m not going to jump into a relationship if I don’t think it’ll last.  If I don’t know a person.  If I don’t see potential.  If they don’t know me beyond my dancing or my drink of choice.  That’s just skanky in my opinion.

Case and Point.  A lot of people were wondering when I’d hook up with that last guy I was “seeing”.  I mean he made me squeal like a girl after our first couple of dates.  It seemed perfect.  We had a lot in common.  Why not?  We got along for like 3 weeks, and the topic came up of slapping a title on it.  I wanted to wait it out a bit.  See what happened.  Get to know him.  With in the next couple weeks, I discovered we were far from compatible.  Where as I am outgoing and very social, he’s a homebody and quite shy.  Where as I’m a go-getter-screw-the-consequences, he’s responsible-to-the-point-of-boring-me.  Sure.  We liked some of the same music, but he also was in a couple scenes I couldn’t stand.  Frankly, he drove me nuts.  We’re cool as friends, but if we had slapped a title on it when he wanted to, when the rest of society wanted us to, it would’ve only lasted a couple of weeks.

So please explain to me why I should jump into all of these relationships, just because there is a mutual attraction.  That’s not enough for me.  I want to wait for my phone to ring, get butterflies over a coffee date.  I want to KNOW a person.  How can you tell if there is a potential for a long term realtionship after a couple of weeks?

Explain that to me.



2 thoughts on “Hello, this is NOT my ego talking.

  1. Emily

    I can’t explain that to you… because I agree with you. Just because you can… doesn’t mean you should + there’s the whole kiddo thing… and welp, we’ve had this talk before. The point of working your arse off for your betterment (i.e. job, school, home, health) is not to grab the first man you see, throw a ring on your finger, and slip and slide right back to where you were. The fun part of being single, is being able to put yourself first… while still having fun. One day there will be someone, and ya don’t wanna pass him by ’cause your too busy playing the highschool dating game with boys (yeah I said boys) that aren’t worth your time. Slurpees… they’re in self serve machines so you can experiment until you find the combo you like… Yes it’s relevant… and yeah I’ve had like 3 hours of sleep. I shud up now, lmao. <3

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