Spin that record baby…


Okay.  I’m most likely alone on this one.  I may or may not incite a riot full of tweens to twenty-something females by this blog.  It’s cool though, I need a little amusement in my morning.

I do not understand the attraction to band members, rappers, or djs.  I don’t.  I never have.  I most likely never will.

This has come up time and time again.  From back in the day, with the punk and metal local scene.  Then again with the Oi! scene.  Then now with the freakin’ Djs.  I don’t get it.  What is the draw?  Why do females flock to these people?  Why get autographs from the famous, why stand up front by the stage to get his attention?  Why dance in the dj booth, just to brag to your friends later?

I remember the 2nd time I missed a Social D show.  One of my friends took a picture with Mike Ness and brought it back to rub in my face.  Yes.  I was miffed that I missed my favorite band, but I’m NOT pissed that you got to meet him.   He writes, plays great music (along with his band), but other than that?  You know what he is?  A man. Another Man.  That’s it.

Those local bands I used to support?  What was the draw?  “Oh. M. Gee.  We have to see if we can hang out with them!  Maybe we can talk to them?!”  Okay okay, I get the draw, the lead singer is kind of cute, but seriously?  He lives like 3 blocks down, currently smells like eyeliner and ass, and he called all the girls bitches.  That’s what you want to hang out with?

Last but not least.  I received a text from one of my girls the other night.  “Hey, are those DJs you know spinning tonight?”  Why yes.  Yes they are.  They’re usually around somewhere where I am.  They’re my fucking neighbors/friends.  They spin awesome music, you want to come dance? “Yeah I’ll be there, are they single?”  No.  They are not.  Oh and *if* you show up (and complain that the music is crap because it has no lyrics) make sure if you hop in the booth, not to knock the turn tables.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving someone’s music.  Absolutely not.  But what females seem to forget, time and time again, is that it’s MUSIC.  While the music may reflect someone’s personality, it’s not all they are.  I know many a douche-bag guitarist, drummer, vocalist, rapper, and Dj.  Trust me.  Half of these fucks are assholes and players.  All of them are JUST LIKE the regular every day guys you pass up in your search to “become the girlfriend of fame”.

So to sum it up.  I’m not bringing you to the club so you can hang out at the booth to try and make eye contact with some douche on the tables.  I’m not inviting you to the bar if you are trying to get a drink with the lead guitarist.  Stop chasing fame.  Stop chasing douche bags.  Give the guy you just turned your back on a chance.



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