Pour some vodka in my oj please?


Ugh.  I am NOT in a good mood.  Actually.  I’m surprised I even go out of bed today.  I’m actually not anxiety-ridden, just down in the dumps and antsy.  I feel like running a marathon, but the snow and my lack of sitter makes that idea not an option.   I’m going to lose my mind.  Grrr.

Last week after going out with a few friends, I ran to the corner store to get some smokes and a pizza.  No big deal, I’m an insomniac so pizza at 3 am sounds like a great idea to me.  So I get my stuff and hop back in the car to go home.  I come up on a four way stop, stop, see a car coming, but it looked like they were going slow, so I went to cross the intersection.  While that car was going slow, they weren’t planning on stopping and hit my car.  Then after going around my car, they kept going.  I didn’t even think to get a license plate.  I was just sitting there like “WTF really?”  I called the police and filed a hit and run report.  Then I drove my car home.  It seemed like my car’s alignment was just seriously off, so I was like great… a couple hundo in damage, but it could be worse.

I actually took a look at my car the following night, just mostly to see if my bumper was seriously damaged.  I mean hey, the back one is zip-tied on so maybe the front would match!  Ever so stylish if I don’t say so myself.

Well.  Yeah.  The bumper is damaged, slightly, my headlight is fine, but there was something else wrong.  While one of my tires is going straight, the other is turned right.  Yeahhhh.  Great.  It’s most likely a busted tire rod.  (I’m not sure, my friend J is coming over after work to look at it for sure.)

So.  The downfall.  I’m stuck with out a car for god knows how long.  I have some money, but that money is for my bills this month.  I need to find money for a tow truck as well as the repairs, but I was already off work last week, am going to have to call of this week, which means no paycheck.  So I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do this.  Or dig myself out of the perpetual rut I’m not stuck in.

Hell.  As it is, I have to drag noodle on a walk through this psuedo snow storm just to get some minor groceries from the corner store.



And to think.  I don’t even have a good book to read when I’m stuck here.


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