Maybe you should bend over.


This blog entry excludes anyone who has texted me, IMed me, as well as anyone who lives in a different county/state/continent or who is actively trying to fix my car.

The rest of you?

Choke on it.

I’ve been going insane.  My car has been out of commission for a week now.  It MIGHT be getting fixed tonight (which means I MIGHT have a car this weekend).  In the meantime I have been inside minus a run to 7-11 to grab some basic necessities since you know, uh, I can’t DRIVE to the grocery store.

I’m a strange person.  I go out a lot.  Being around people soothes my soul and cheers me up.  Even if it’s just a cup of coffee.  I HATE being stuck inside.  My anxiety racks up.  My depression kicks in.  I start losing it.  My normal response?  Go for a drive, go to work, go to grab a drink, coffee or lunch.  I can’t now.  My car’s busted.  My daughter and I have been cooped up on my property.  Even she’s starting to get sick of “playing outside”.  Hell.  We’re both sick of eating Ramen, sandwiches, and mac n cheese.  (like I said.  I need to go shopping).

My work is tweaking because I can’t come in.  This might just solve my job issue… by me not having one.  Crap.

So all of this has gotten me really down, and I started reaching out to people.  Facebook.  Texts.  Blah blah blah.  Monday I cracked and texted a bunch of people.  ONE responded… he apologized because the roads were too shitty to drive on.   Cool.  I understand that.  So now it’s wednesday.  1 week of me tweaking out.  Besides the one friend who texted Monday.  I’ve heard from my neighbor.  Who texted ME first, to ask if I wanted to do coffee (which will have to wait until later this day).

So minus the people exempt and my two friends…. realllllly?  Seriously?  So apparently, if I’m not driving, at the bar or throwing a party, I’m non-existant.  So yeah.  I’m kind of pissed.  Not horribly, but I AM a bit.  I may or may not say shit to you, but you can bet your happy ass that we won’t be chillin’, you won’t be going riding with me, and if you want me to come over and let you vent, talk with you, give you advice, I’ll promptly give you the finger and a kick in the ass.



One thought on “Maybe you should bend over.

  1. JenN-Moo

    Ok, I totally read that last line differently. Give you the finger and stick it in your ass. WOW! I should really read better. Or get my eyes checked. Or…I dunno…stop trying to finish people’s sentences!

    Screw all the people who suck!

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