Run Away, what are we running from?


Sorry.  I’m on a Rise Against binge today.  I don’t listen to them much anymore, but when I do, it’s an all day thing.  :)

My favorite songs from their album Appeal to Reason are “Entertainment” and “Savior”.

Anyway.  I’m reverting back a few years.  I was in a strange mood earlier (thank you sleep deprivation and Crohns).  So I decided to do what I used to do when I was in a mood.  Bake.

I just made a new version of my Banana Bread.  The last time I made my recipe, it was gluten free (yes, it’s been that long… god… 2 years?), so this time, it has wheat flour-walnuts-cinnamon and vanilla in it.  I’m very interested in how it’ll turn out.  I guess I’ll find out in about an hour.  :)

I really am a rounded person I guess.  I do the strangest shit to put myself in a better place.  It all depends on what day it is, where I am, and what kind of  “the mood” I’m in.  Today it’s writing and baking.  This week it’s been reading.  Saturday it was dancing.  Sometimes it’s jogging.  Sometimes it’s music… okay all of the time it’s music.  Sometimes it’s sports (ie atvs and water sports).

I’m not looking like a psychopath am I?



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