Automatic Windows are made by assholes.


Okay.  So I’m in a better mood.  Not feeling THAT much like crap.  All though I did knock my toddler over on a sprint to the bathroom a little while ago.  Now she’s been spending her time ramming me with her shoulder because she wants to rough house.  LoLz.  I have a tomboy.

Sometimes I get sooo angry at Crohns Disease.  I do that pathetic “Why me?!” crap and then think about what I would trade to get rid of it.  Ie:  I’ll give you Crohns in exchange for your broken leg.  Or better yet: I’ll trade you Crohns for your flat butt.  :)  I’ll get so over worked and let the depression and anxiety kick my ass.  Then it’s just a downward spiral from there.  On those days, there is not enough Xanax in the world.

Then eventually I’ll have a slightly better day and I’ll get tired of moping around.  I’m not built to stay indoors as it is, so I think that helps.  So eventually I get off my ass and trrrry to get past it.

So yesterday I went out to lunch with a couple of friends of mine.  Then went back to their house and listened to them mess around with their music for a bit.  It was nice, I definitely miss them.  Plus I feel comfortable enough around them to admit if I feel like crap at the moment.  So that’s a bonus.

After all that nonsense, I hit another thrift store.  I found a good sized square mirror for $1, a couple shirts (one of which I’m trading in today) and I got some really good ideas at the craft store.  (FYI:  Micheals is still basically porn for me)  It was kind of nice.  I came home and relaxed for a little bit.  I really had no intention of leaving again since my stomach was bothering me from lunch, but I got a call for a coffee date.  (and I promptly squealed like a girl and fell off my bed)

It was nice, we actually skipped coffee and just hung out watching family guy and talking.  It’s definitely a rarity for  me to meet someone of the opposite sex who actually wants to spend the time to get to know me vs trying to get in my pants.  So eventually we got bored and went out to meet up with some friends.  Eh.  It was alright, I was freezing (damn drafty bars) so eventually we headed to my “home bar” so I could say hi to some people and not be a grumpy-frozen-snarky-human-popsicle.

We’re getting ready to get out of the car and I had my window cracked just a tad and my hand up there.  He goes to be a “nice guy” (snort) and presses the button to roll up my window.  IT CAUGHT MY FINGER.  OMG I haven’t done that in years and holy-crap-on-a-stick does that hurt!  I instantly forgot my upset insides and informed him he broke my finger and we could no longer be friends.  Insert a punch in between each one of those words.   Geez.  That huuuurt.  It still does, I have a nice line on my finger now.

Amazingly, despite me pummeling him and whining like a 4 year old,  he stayed out and had some fun.  And only made fun of me a little bit.  It was nice stopping at Pugs for a bit.  Saw a few people, got a bit of dancing (albeit halfassed because my tum tum was still trying to crawl out of my navel) in and did some of that smiling laughing stuff.  It was actually a really good night.


As for today?  I’m actually going to snuggle up with the short one for a bit longer, then get ready and head back to the thrift store.  Then if I’m not too bitchy/complain-y groceries.  Tonight?  I’m taking the crotch fruit to see her grandpa and to eat.  :)  It’s been a little bit since I’ve seen Dad, so that’s a bonus.


2 thoughts on “Automatic Windows are made by assholes.

  1. Emily

    Jealouz. I want desperatly to hit the thrifts here… but with huble home, I thinks we’re too broke for thrift, lol. I need some furnture that is not made from double folded cardboard.

    Anywho… lubs ya!

  2. JenN-Moo

    I need to do more at the Thrift Stores. Why don’t I go there? Hmmmm…this weekend for sure.

    Damn boys and breaking our fingers! Punch him once from me too!

    MUWAH! Glad you’re feeling at least a teeny bit better.

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