V-Day: a little lipstick on his dipstick. (Best quote yet)


I am not a fan of valentines day.  Some people think it’s because I am single.  Well….
I wasn’t single last year. Or years before… I think since I was 16.
I don’t like it.  I do not like it sam I am.
I haven’t liked it since 5th grade when we handed out valentines to the entire class and got free candy.  Nom Nom Candy.

It’s a commercial holiday.  If you’re in a relationship you’re socially obligated to get your significant other something.  Candy, flowers, jewelry.  Blah Blah Blah.
If you’re single, you’re supposed to strive to get a date or feel down that you’re “alone on Vday”.  Uh huh.

“But Sarah, it’s just a cute holiday, a day you show the ones you love that you looove them”

But assholes.  You should be doing that everyday.

So this year was particularly obnoxious.  Perhaps because I am single.  For A WEEK before the actual holiday I was berated with:

“Who’s your valentine?”
“Where are you going for Valentine’s day dinner?”
“Do you have a date?”
“Why not?”

Then of course I got the:

“Oh well since you don’t have a date…”
“You can come out to dinner with me! I’m single too”
“Every pretty girl deserves flowers”
(sidenote: gas station quality carnations aren’t worth delivering.  However, I did give them to my neighbors, they loved them)

So.  My answer is NO.

I just don’t buy into the holiday, and getting picture messages of awesome gifts, texts about awesome spouses, and seeing status updates about sweet stuff… it got old.  After like the first 3.

So I stayed at home with my daughter and cleaned and such.  Then I had a coffee date with one of my other singleton friends.  Once we realized that morning that it was Valentines Day.  We dubbed our coffee plans “Anti-Valentines Day Coffee Date”.

We sat around drinking coffee for 4 hours.  Exchanging dirtbike/atv injury stories, ex stories, and talked about anything under the sun.  It was actually really nice and a lot of fun.

However, 6 different people now have made fun of me for having coffee with someone on Valentines Day.  6.  Attached people and single alike.  *Shrugs*  I guess people get too bent out of shape that I spent my night kicking back, drinking coffee and having great conversations.  Getting to know someone with out the rules and regulations of a hallmark holiday.

Oh well.  While people spent money eating out and buying flowers.  I snuggled on the couch and compared broken bones and scars with a really awesome person.

I think I won that one, but then again I don’t celebrate, so if you celebrate you won I guess.


Happy VD-Day.  I hope you wrapped your dipstick. :)


2 thoughts on “V-Day: a little lipstick on his dipstick. (Best quote yet)

  1. It a love-pressure day. You’ve got to match up to the race in outdoing everyone in your demonstration of love. We become a bunch of robots on V day just like birthday greetings. But then these days are special and we kind of get neurotic about them. Why on a V Day for showing love. It can happen on any day. Love doesn’t have a time table and the guy who would have scoffed at what’s happening on V day would have been the saint himself. He would have been outraged that love should get maximized on day named after him. He would have seen that as love strapped in annual chains.

  2. Emily

    The boy was worried about this holiday from all of the stupid commercials on tv. Mommy… I gotz to get you a necklace it’s what the girl I love NEEDZ. I sat down with him and explained that his hugs, kisses and nice things he says Everyday are worth more to me than anything in the world. He said, “Fine, so can I have your chocolate.” *snort*

    Your Anti-V’Day Date, sounds awesome… and you so deserved it. We just burned stuff here and put brakes back on muh car… *woot*! Honestly I don’t think we even sputterd the v-day words….

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