Insert into Slot A. (Sexual Compatibility)


Warning:  This blog is down right dirty (written worse though) and will contain “sexual language” and “naughty words”.  I suggest if you’re easily offended, extremely conservative, or under age, please skip this entry.  Kthxbai.

So I was reading through (if you haven’t visited that site yet, you should, it’s full of win) and I came upon a confession in the “Wife” section that had me shaking my head.  Yes.  Despite being divorced, I still read the wife section.  Shut up.

Anyway.  It was about this woman whose husband had wanted to save sex for marriage.  So they did.  The never did bump uglies up until after they had signed the papers.  She goes on to confess that the sex is less than awesome, that she never achieves an orgasm and she doesn’t know if she can handle that “until death do us part”.  She has talked to him, but it never improves according to this woman.

Okay clearing this up before I get called a liberal hippie/monsterish whore.  I have NO problem with other people saving themselves for marriage.  I don’t.  Whether it be morals, health or religion, it’s YOUR choice when you’re going to share your body with someone else.  However when problems like the above arise, I willlllll shake my head.

There are so many “rules and regulations” when it comes to sex and dating now days.  I honestly wasn’t aware of any of them until I got out of high school and am still learning new ones and receiving unwarranted opinions every day.  I’ve heard them all.  Guys don’t like girls who give it up right away.  Guys like girls who give it up by the 3rd date.  Girls think you should wait a month.  3 months.  FOREVER.  You name it and I’ve heard it.  Some of these rules make me grimace but whatever.

The point being is that you should jump in between the sheets when YOU are comfortable.  Not when the rules say so, or your bed mate says so.  That being said… I’m a huge fan of getting it on BEFORE you’re married… or hell… before you even move in together.  For me, being sexually compatible with someone is a MUST for the relationship to thrive (or actually barely start in my personal experience, but that’s another blog).  My main point is the confession I wrote about above.  I would shoot myself (or divorce – haha – yeah I just put that out there) if my husband wasn’t good enough or my type in bed.

So what it comes down to I guess is that you can wait until marriage and risk being stuck with someone until the end (or a good divorce attorney comes along) who doesn’t please you in bed.  OOOOR you can bump uglies at some point earlier to make sure.

Don’t jip yourselves ladies and gentlemen.  Seriously.


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