Apron-Cape and “behaving like a mother”


Facebook is a wonderful thing.  I can share my location, plans, pictures and shenanigans.  I love it.  I’m addicted.  But the book of face also has a down fall.  It gives “the haters” something to hate on… and private messages to those to sissified to comment on actual things … you know that the public can see?

Today I received a package from the AK.  My wonderful friend sent me a bunch of clothes and an apron.  This apron is black with white skulls and crossbones… and hearts and arrows.  Lined with pink lace.  It’s full of awesome.  In my silliness I decided it works as a cape as well.

The apron-cape has now officially replaced the pink robe.  You know.  The pink robe my neighbors have seen me running around the yard in.

You know. THIS Pink Robe.

So the Robe has been replaced.  I needed a way to break it in.  Then I heard the trash truck at the end of the street.  I quickly donned my apron-cape over my pjs (which consisted of a ratty wife beater and boyshorts), threw on my ugg boots (mens… brown… nasty) and waited.  As he was pulling up to my property.  I sprinted out the door and ran a lap down my driveway, around my trashcan and back inside.  As I ran towards the truck, the guy was standing in his door and his jaw was on the ground.  As I landed back on my front stoop… I heard applause.

Meeet Apron-cape, which is obviously full of win.

So I had fun.  Posted on facebook.  Made friends smile.  THEN.  I got a private message.  From someone I will not disclose, mostly because I’m not a huge bitch-face.

(partypooper): Don’t you think you should tone down a bit??

Me:  What yah mean?

(partypooper): I don’t know, act like you give a shit, act like you’re a mom?

Me: mmmhmm.

I ended the convo there.

So.  Apparently because I live for making people laugh and quite often act silly, I don’t give a shit, or from what I’m guessing, I don’t act like a mom?  You know.  I normally would take offense at this, but eh.  I love the fact that I made someone’s day.  Gave that guy a story to tell his friends and family.  I love that my neighbors enjoy my company and laugh whenever I do something silly.

I love that my daughter will grow up knowing it’s okay to be goofy and have fun.
I love that my daughter will grow up in a home full of laughter.

If that doesn’t make me “normal”, or makes it seem like I’m not a mom.  Then so be it.  My daughter will be wearing HER cape when she gets back.  And we’ll both be armed with teddy bears and tiaras.

We’ll have fun.  I hope you have fun acting proper and wearing pants.



3 thoughts on “Apron-Cape and “behaving like a mother”

  1. JenN-Moo

    OMG! YOU don’t act like a mom? Holy shit, we’re all in trouble aren’t we? *sigh* I think you’re one of the best moms out there. You do EVERYTHING for Noodle. And she is going to be the kick ass-inest kid EVAH! (Yeah, I know kick ass-inest isn’t a word, so sue me!) I’d rather my kid be friends with the crazy kid who likes to laugh than the one with a stick shoved so far up their ass they shit splinters!\

    Rock on Kick Ass momma!

  2. Aliesha

    Rock on witcha bad self, girl! I *heart* shenanigans, and believe that we’re healthier, happier, *better* human beings as a result of them. Being a mom doesn’t mean the death of that which makes you, YOU. If it did, you’d be a worse mom to the Noodle because you wouldn’t be able to show her how to be herself. And if there’s anything we need in this damn world, it’s more authentic selves, especially in the young girls.


  3. Widget

    I didn’t realize that to be a mom you had to be lame! You’re right you teaching your child that it’s okay to be goofy. I like when people aren’t uptight and like to make people laugh. I grew up doing it so why shouldn’t my child know that it’s okay to be goofy.

    Have fun with your bad self and enjoy. Screw the haters you have my support in it all.

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