911, Paramedics, and ERs! Oh my!


I. Am. Exhausted.  Like seriously exhausted.  I think I’ve gotten a broken 7 hours of sleep, but I’m still tired.  I wish I could say that I was up until 7am at an awesome party.  You know.  Everyone was there!  Even Jack Bauer!  (Who is never allowed out of character.  Ever.) Buuuuuut, nope.  Not so much.  All though one of my paramedics was definitely a looker.

Last night I decided to stay in.  On the way home from my friends house (where I had a coffee date so full of awesome I couldn’t barely handle it) I realized that despite it being just after 8pm that I was simply exhausted.  So I resigned myself to PJs and some Criminal Minds.  After a little bit I went to go crawl into bed because I was just THAT tired.  At 930pm.  Which is unheard of for me.  As I was walking I got reallly dizzy and fell over.  Who knows though, maybe I got up too fast?  Didn’t eat enough?  Whatever.  I made it to bed.  Then.  Of course, as soon as I got comfortable, I had to pee.

You know what I learned?  Pee isn’t red.

I laid back down kind of freaked out and then got hit with a few waves of pretty bad stomach pain, which albeit is normal, but it was in a different spot than I’m used to.  It didn’t go away.  So I started bugging B.  After a while I was finally convinced to call 911, I knew I needed to go to the Hospital, but I didn’t think I was capable of driving.  So ambulance it is.  I actually haven’t been in an ambulance since I got in a car accident in 07.  So yeah.  At least I had that going for me.

The medics were very awesome, I was worried that they’d be annoyed because I wasn’t like missing an eye or covered in guts and blood or something.  I made it a point to apologize for calling them, and they assured me that any time I need them, including for my crohns, I can call.  So the ride there was filled with the normal questions, IVs, and OhlordyouhavepoorcirculationIcouldntgetyourO2 and Itoldyousothatsnormalforme.  I also grew up in the same area as one of the medics so we played the “who do you know game” to keep me from punching things when my stomach hurt.

It had been a while since I had been in Condell’s ER.  Last time was in ’07 before I was diagnosed.  I ended up there with a huge abscess that no one could see… and got called a drug seeker.  This time?  Not so bad.  My nurse was lovely, the techs were lovely, my doctor was only slightly annoying.  It was midnight and slow so I got pretty good attention.  Dilatin is a hell of a drug, but after 4?  I think they should’ve realized it doesn’t work on Crohns pain.  So blood work, CT scans and poking and proding later they get a hold of my G.I.  (whom I’m still waiting for the inevitable *yellatsarahfornotcomingin* call) and I get more drugs and the normal antibiotics (Flagyl and Cipro) and they start bugging me to stay for “observation”.  Which basically means, I sleep, they give me more of the antibiotics via IV, and money is wasted.  By about 5am I’m irritated and decide to sign out Against Medical Advice.  I knew the meds were available in oral form and I’d rather suffer at home.  So the prescription is waiting for me to pick it up (which I’m hoping someone will take pity on me and get it for me) and I’m at home feeling like crap. (Thank you B for picking me up at dawn!)

God I love my life.


Now where’s my chicken soup?


4 thoughts on “911, Paramedics, and ERs! Oh my!

  1. Emily

    move here… I’ll get your meds, and soup and a pointy stick. hell if you can wait 6-9 hours I’ll do it anyway, soup might get cold though/ lubs ya.

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