I love the word PSEUDO. (friends)


Most every one of my “real life friends”  (You know, the friends that don’t reside in the monitor that sits on my kitchen table… which I DO have.) Is familiar with the term Pseudo in my language.   My favorite use of it is in “Pseudo-Boyfriend”.  It usually implies someone I’m “dating” that is acting like my boyfriend.  Usually in that case it’s mocking my lack of ambition to take a relationship to the next step.  But hey.  This entry is not to drag out my lack of relationship… uh… skills?

Today class, I will be teaching my meaning of Pseudo-Friend.

A lot of people don’t really seem to notice the difference between an acquaintance and a friend soo…

A friend is the one who has coffee with you after a night out listening to you vent about how much you hate anything with that wonderful third appendage.

An acquaintance is the person you only see at the bar who is laughing when you throat punch someone with said third appendage.

Acquaintances make the world go round.  They do.  I have too many to count in pretty much every place I go.  They amuse me.  They’re good to have, but it’s important to remember, that these people will most likely never evolve into a friend unless you both put in effort.

Now.  Pseudo-Friends.  PF (yes, I’m using abbreviations because I’m fucking full of lazy today) are a mixed-breed.  They are similar to acquaintances because you will see them in random places, like the bar.  But they are a bit different because they are some how in your circle of friends.  They know someone, they are dating someone, or they are just stalking someone.  The PF will be a lot of the places you will, they’ll act like you’re friends and try to “make plans when we’re all free”.  They’ll introduce you as friends, or “best buds” but in all reality they’re not close to you at all.

You can tell someone is a PF instead of a close friend, when you only talk to them when you’re out as a group.  Or when they have a bad day, then you’ll hear from them because they “need someone to talk to”.  However, chances are, when you are in deep shit the PF will be nowhere to be found since your personal situations don’t usually impact them directly.

Usually PFs are using this kind of a relationship to appease someone else.  Say the person in the group they are trying to prove themselves too.   It’s quite sad to me quite honestly.  Then again I’m known to have lacking social skills… so maybe my opinion doesn’t count.

Now most people don’t recognize a PF.  You’ll see it often in “Why didn’t he/she call, I thought they wanted to do something this weekend?” or “Why isn’t he/she answering my messages?”

It’s because they actually have little to no intention of being a true friend.

The point is to recognize this, and not be mad about it.  I’ll be the first to admit sometimes it’s hard to see, hell, it happened recently.  But you can’t be mad at them for be a tad bit nicer(see annoying) than the average bar acquaintance.  They’re just trying to appease someone else or make themselves feel better.



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