The Congregation of the Damned.


The worst thing you can do to yourself is be closed minded.  Surprisingly I’m not even going on a political/sexual/justgavemyselfaheadache rant either.  I’m talking about good old fashioned fun.  Hobbies.  Music.  Activities.  Life.  Trying new things is what makes the world go ’round.  It does.

The best compliment I ever got, ever, in the history of Sarah, was via text.  I was talking to one of my riding buddies about what I was doing that weekend.  It included : skiing/kneeboarding (he saw the bruises later… nassssty bruises), grilling out, showing a friend how to knit, attempting the dirt bike, quads, and it ended with a girls spa night with dancing which was only after I changed her oil.  After bullshitting for a while, he told me I was very well rounded.

I had just started hanging out with him again, and I didn’t know how to take that, but seeing as how we spend the majority of our time insulting each other, I asked “Is that a bad thing? Or are you just jealous that I can lap you on the quad?”  The response?

“Calm down Killer, well-rounded is a good thing.  I want my daughter to turn out like you, to be raised to try everything”



I never used to be open minded.  Well Rounded.  Ballsy.  Whatever.  I was actually a stereotypical yuppie trapped in Tripp Wear and Spiked Collars.  If you told me you knew of a punk rock band that was so full of win that I’d cry.  I’d either hit you and yell “Punks not only DEAD but it SUCKS” or throw my pbr at you.  I literally was forced to listen to Social D over and over again for the course of 3 days before I liked it.

I was closed minded.  I didn’t like many sports.  So I didn’t try them.  I didn’t know how to ride anything but a quad, so I made fun of two wheels.  I had less than 2 inches of hair, so I made fun of girls who had spa days.  Electronic music?  I’d literally try to stab you.  (I reallly hated candy kids back then (now), raves were annoying (still are), and happy hardcore was yet to be recognized by name to me yet, but it made me want to tear someones eyeballs out (still does)).

I had things that I liked, so I shunned everything else.  I REFUSED to try new things.  REFUSED.  Kicked and Screamed.

It took years of being on my own and a few key people over the span of 10 years to introduce me to new things.

Convince me to try things I DESPISED.  Slowly over the years I learned that chances are I’ll have fun doing almost anything (except cross country skiing.  That was just fucking gay) and if I don’t I’m competitive enough that if I don’t have a passion for it, I’ll do it just to win (some say that’s a personality down fall, but I take it as … wait for it… a win.).

So I’m well rounded.  And if you haven’t tried something that I’m off on an adventure to accomplish… I’ll drag you along.  I promise.  It wont  hurt that much.



4 thoughts on “The Congregation of the Damned.

  1. Happy Hardcore? You lost me there. Or maybe at Candy Kids… or Electronic music… ok, so you lost me at several places.

    But you are well rounded, if that’s what we’re calling it. You know what you like, but you give other things a chance. And that’s why, as females and total opposites on many things… we get along so well.

    I mean really, a Liberal ( I still think you’re lying there) and a die hard conservative… actually getting along… actually being able to talk about politics… and we’ve never stabbed each other…

    Yes this relates to your post. You can’t learn in a bubble… you can’t have a life in a bubble. And you’re gonna miss out on some awesome frends and experiences.

    And yes, I like making blogs within other people’s blogs.

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