There comes a time in every girls life…


Well.  Okay.  Not every girl’s life.  Apparently in mine though.  Yeah.  Anyways.  Like I was saying.  There comes a time… in my life… where I sit back and take in the situation.  I sit back and realize… well.  I. Am. A. Hillbilly.  DAMMITALLTOHELLIMGOINGTOWEARNOTHINGBUTFLANNELFROMNOWON.

I’ve always had little inklings that I might have some hillbilly in me.  I mean come on.  Quads, Dirtbikes, my wonderful ability to forget to shower.  There’s been a few times where I have reclined in my lawn chair in the backwoods of Wisconsin, sipping my coffee, throwing rocks at squirrels that the thought has crossed my mind.  But come on now.  I LIVE in a populated town.  I don’t LIVE in the woods. I may prefer to ride a quad to the bar up in the middle of nowhere, but I’m more likely in a club in the city.  Caaaan’t be a hillbilly.  RIIIIGHT?

So I’m talking to my Dad today.  He tells me he hit a deer up in WI with his truck.  I guess the damage to the truck was minimal but he found the deer like 100 yards in the woods or something dead.  So they’re butchering it.  I get more venison.  Ground.  Steaks.  Yay!

Let me rephrase the above paragraph so you can see how I realized I’m a hillbilly.

So I’m talking to my Dad WHILE he’s butchering a deer he killed with his truck.  He tells me I get more venison.  I get more excited about that than I did as a kid for Christmas.  I promptly tell my friends, as if they could be more excited about dead bambi meat than I am.

I’m pricing flannel shirts and work boots on Walmart’s webpage as we speak.


3 thoughts on “There comes a time in every girls life…

  1. Shud up. I do live in the woods… but I have never road a quad to a…. damn you. Ok one time, but I didn’t go in. And I never have thrown rocks at squirrels. Using the bow is sooooo…. *sighs*

    Venison. *drools* We ran out months ago. Bring some and I’ll take you to that bike racing thing that’s coming next week….

    We can wear our quad gear into starbucks.

  2. Haha Emily. I think you’re in the hillbilly club with me! And omg, I would LOVE to go to SuperCross. I had planned on it, but I can’t afford tickets!


    And my friend has a really awesome pink helmet with skulls on it. I think I’ll steal it and you can wear that. :)

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