I’m a productive member of society. Again. Kinda.


Ooooh yeah.  I may have forgotten to mention something.  I’ve been so wrapped up in the “I’m-not-a-coke-head” debacle and furiously updating my twitter with crap that no one cares to read I guess my poor little blog just slipped my mind.  Yeah yeah I know.  I can write about drugs, sex and dancing but I forget about this.  Shows where my mind really is.. haha.

I. Am. Employed. Again. Times 2.

Yuup.  I’m employed.  I am yet again a productive member of society and am yet again paying the big bad ole government a big chunk of my paychecks towards taxes.  (Speaking of Taxes.  ROUND LAKE BEACH, do yah think since I pay so damned much you couldn’t I don’t know… at least fill the 30 pot holes on my street?  I bent a rim… AGAIN.  FIX IT!)

I am productivity in a cute, adorable, punch you in the throat kind of package.

So I had a few interviews the week before last and I was trying not to get myself psyched up.  The interviews I had before that were horrendous letdowns (that resulted in numerous bottles of wine consumed) so I really didn’t want to get my hopes up.

The first one was for the job I wanted.  Job A.  Reception, good pay, stable company, 9-3 M-F.  The interview went great, especially considering that the manager and I spent more time talking about venues in Chicago and GWAR than the job.  I was jonesin’ for the job.  Bad.

The second one turned out for a severely part time job.  Like 7 hours a week.  I turned it down.

The Third one… I didn’t know what I was walking into.  I had no clue.  I just accepted the interview because I figured “Hey I’m already putting myself through two, why not suffer one more time?” Receptionist, “interesting company” (ie: I’ve gotten jobs offered by them I think 3 times now), 9-4 M-F, mediocre pay.  I walked in.  Laughed when I realized where I was, then accepted the job.

A couple days later Job A turned me down.  It was between me and another woman and I think her resume was more uh… professional than mine.  It bummed me out, but I had a job so it wasn’t a HUGE deal.

So this job of mine.  It’s actually pretty fun.  Really easy.  I basically act as an HR receptionist and call people to schedule interviews.  I am doing great.  The boss is tolerating me playing house music, ODing on caffeine and basically annoying him constantly.  It’s definitely not a bad job.

Wednesday.  I get a phone call.  I’m at work, but hey, I answer because I’m just that much of an awesome employee.  It was job A.  He offers me the job.  I tell him I’ll call him back the next day after speaking with my boss.

Needless to say?  2 jobs.  I’m proud of myself, but quite honestly worried about whether or not I’m overloading myself.

My schedule is as follows.
Monday: 9am-3pm @ Job A – 3:30pm-7/8pm @ Job B
Tuesday: 9am-3pm @ Job A – 3:30pm-7/8pm @ Job B
Wednesday – Friday: 9am-3pm @ Job A
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 12pm-5pm (ish) @ Job B

I’m sure I’ll be fine.  I could use the money, but quite honestly, I am wondering how long it’ll take me to meltdown from Job B.  Or show up on Sundays hungover and bitchy.  Like last Friday.



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