I no longer like Sundays.


Okay.  So yesterday went awesomely.  So I think anyway, my Job B boss left me in charge of another newbie and went home… if I get fired when I go into today… well.  I guess that would solve my current dilemma.  But yes.  Like I said.  The day was awesome.  I totally don’t mind working both jobs when I don’t have Noodle, easy peasy and I think I’m going to fit right in at my newest job seeing as how my boss coined this lovely joke with in 2 hours of me being there.

“So I went bike riding with my kids yesterday.  It feels like I dropped the soap in prison.”

Quickly followed by “Oh shit.  That was inappropriate wasn’t it.  FUCK!”

Yeah.  So I’m excited to get into the full swing of things there.  I really hope it works out especially since he’s hinting at full time in the future.  *happy dance*  I hoooope it goes well…. realllly hope.

Anyway.  So my week schedule is damned near perfect for me.  I can totally rock the crap out of this!  However, while laying in bed in my sleep-deprived state last night I got to thinking.  Working at Job B on Sundays is really going to blow.  Not the actual job, just working on Sundays.  I in theory only have 1 day off.  One full day.  I don’t even count Saturday really though, Saturday is my going out night and quite honestly it’s going to suck going out dancing and then having to get out of bed in the morning to go to work.  Not only that… but I now only have Saturday to hang with the kid.  Sunday I’ll be gone the entire awesome portion of the day.  I mean.  I know Noodle will be fine, she loves Play School during the week, and will have a blast with Kenz on Sundays, but hot damn I’m going to miss my kid.

Dude.  Weekend camping trips?  Nope.  Gottah work.  Escaping for the weekend to Wisco?  Noooope.  Gottah work.  I’m actually getting unhappier by the moment about this arrangement.  I mean, I’m not going to stop unless he tells me to stop working Sundays or I go full time or somehow pull those extra hours out of my ass.  But gotttdamn that sucks.  Just working M-F and having the weekend off last week was so perfect… grrr.

I guess I’ll stop my bitching and go pack my lunch.



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