I do not get it. DO NOT.


You know, growing up I always heard that it was great to be an independent female.  I thought that by 25-30 I should have a house, car, career and family.  Well things haven’t turned out in that order, but I’m still on par with my schedule for the most part.  (Now if only the divorce had been free lol)

I’m proud of where I am.  Hell I bought a house a couple of days before I turned 23.  I OWN my own car and it’s one in a long line of destructive driving.  I’m a single parent who rocks life and puts her daughter first.  I’m educated at a college level and read more than I watch TV (all though I still do have a fetish for Jack Bauer). I now (again) have a steady job, steady income, and am responsible with my spending (re: someone talk me into a pedicure.  My feet look like a hobbits). I take care of responsibilities and have my priorities straight.

Even though I’m still in my “fun-loving-twenties” and enjoy the bar scene very much, my love life isn’t what people expect.  My social life isn’t what people expect.  I did my fair share of one night stands, I did my fair share of casual sex.  I’m over it.  I’m cool with “bar friends” but I want REAL friends that will come over for Sunday coffee.  Why is that so weird to people?  For real?

Don’t get me wrong, the friends I DO have, who have proved in past months that they are there are not going anywhere, I greatly treasure.  I even treasure the friends of past who have discarded me like a Styrofoam cup on the highway (don’t litter kids). That’s life. But it honest to god bugs me when someone shows romantic interest in me, or friendly interest, and then gets shocked/scared/intimidated when they hear about my house/job/intentions.  (Notice I didn’t say the kid… that really doesn’t seem to matter these days)

Sure I’m down for the bar, but if we never hang out outside of it, no that’s not a true friendship to me.  Don’t look at me like that because I don’t want a “Casual Fling”.  I’m good.

You know, I never used to think that was advanced thinking for a 25-year-old, but hell, my acquaintances in their 30s act shocked and put off.

Sorry folks.  I have my life in order and like it that way.  I have goals and aspirations and a time line to achieve them.  I love having fun and partying and am nowhere near ready to “settle down” again, but a little normalcy is expected.  I guess if you don’t like it.. then peace out.



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