Springtime and SHOTS SHOT SHOTS.


For the record.  All the shots last night completely destroyed my ability to write coherently so bear with me.
Also read: I’ve had too much coffee and am ODing on caffeine.

Life is one big giant melting pot.  Giant melting pot of positive chaos.  (See.. I told you I’m not coherent)  All I know is that despite a few issues with Humira I like the direction life is taking.  In almost all aspects.

Work is going awesome-ly (spell check is a bitch).  I love it there and am totally loving the girls I work with.  One of which was awesome enough to watch my daughter for me last night so I could go out.  But yeah, def loving it. I am so glad that the Universe decided that it was finally time to let something financially sound happen to me.

Social Life?  Well.  It’s interesting to say the least, and no, unfortunately no one got naked and jumped off the roof… that’s soo 2001.  It’s strange because I’m officially an 8-4 Monday thru Friday worker now.  So for the first time… EVER, I have weekends off and realllly don’t go out during the week.
I’ve made a few new friends and one of them is trying his damnedest to get me out of my normal circle of friends/bars and out and about. So far it’s working and I’ve been having a blast.  It’s wonderful going out and NOT knowing  more than half of the room personally.  It’s nice getting away from the drama that is my circle.  I’ve been meeting some really cool people (ie: people that manage to wait at least 5 minutes before making me want to choke slam them) and have been treated with the utmost respect.

I’ve also been out riding with this kid B.  He’s a cool kid and quite honestly it’s refreshing.  That being because he’s a few years younger than me and doesn’t really involve himself in anything remotely dramatic.  His pure innocence lets me let go and be myself with out worrying about the peanut gallery.

There is only one thing better than flying down the road on the back of a cruiser, the smell of spring flying through your hair, the stars in the sky illuminating the night, the rumble of the engine clearing your mind… and that is having someone who is viewing the night in the same exact way in front of you.  Someone who is only concerned with how far this remote WI highway goes before we hit a traffic light. Someone who is okay with you just existing on the back seat.

Life is good.


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