Hey, we’ll laugh at this one day.


I love this song, it’s direct and to the point.  When I get down on myself and this song comes on, it reminds me… it’ll be okay.  :)

And then there’s this song.  This song reminds me to enjoy the moment.  Enjoy the day as much as humanly possible.  Love each and every moment because you never know when it’s going to change, or much more importantly end.

I wish more than anything some days that I didn’t have this stupid disease(s).  I wish I could be normal.  I wish I could be healthy enough to take health for granted.
There’s a lot that this whole mess has taught me.  I’ve learned to live by the moment, to cherish life.  Even more so that I’ve gotten my health back.  I don’t dwell on being sick, but when an opportunity comes up to do something I want to, or have been thinking about, there’s this little voice in the back of my head that tells me to do it.  That warns me.  Warns me that I might not be able to do something in the future.  That I should try/enjoy/have fun now.

I don’t really consider that morbid, but in all reality I think that everyone should live like this.  Sure.  I’m “ill”.  I have bad genes.  I have a bad immune system that in order to treat I have to put myself at risk for other severe diseases… but you know what?  I could get hit by a car tomorrow morning.

More importantly, so could YOU.

The way I consider it, is if I were to die tomorrow, my only regret I want to have is dying early.

So why not have fun.  You never know when it’ll change.

When life will change.



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