Ridin Solo… with pneumonia


Hello kids, blogging from my Android.  :)  in bed, which makes it even better.  Not just because I’m lazy (this time) either… my punk ass got pneumonia.  Yup.  Thanks to Humira, my immune system was not up to fighting off the cold I’ve had for 4 weeks. 

You know, it’s not as bad as people make it sound.  I feel the same way I have for weeks except for more rundown.  I was so tired yesterday (not sleeping most likely didn’t help the cause) that when I got off work I hauled my ass into the only remaining acute care that I haven’t pissed off (lube and doctors head incident anyone?) And got a check up.

I was definitely expecting Bronchitis since that’s relatively normal for me but Pneumonia came out of the left field.  So after some shenanigans and (btw I didn’t get stuck in isolation re: behavior this time) reprimands I got some meds and checked myself out. 

Today is a day of rest.  Only worked a few hours and have been vegging out beyond that.  The almighty Sarah has fallen… at least until tomorrow night. :) Gottah get my cocktail on before the Rapture comes on Sat.  Haha.


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