One of a kind.


You know, I’d like to consider myself one of a kind… I know I’m not though, but some times it sure does feel like it.  Let me preface this by saying that I love my friends.  All of them.  Every last quirky kid I hang out with.  We all get along most of the time except for when I irritate them by existing, but that’s besides the point and a story for another time.  All of us have some kind of mutual interest with each other, whether it be music, dancing or hell even line of work, some of us have nothing in common but our pasts and how our lives intersected at one point in time.

That’s fine and dandy but sometimes I sure feel out of place.  Today kind of put that to the forefront of my mind, irritated me a tad bit, but honestly?  This whole debacle just makes me feel a tad bit lonely.  Maybe that’s sad of me to say, maybe some of you are going to shake your head at me, and that’s fine.  No worries.

So this evening we’ve had a few storms come our way.  Once I saw the radar I went and hopped in my car to chase after the storm.  You wouldn’t believe the wall cloud and the sky in general, reminded me that nature is a beautiful beautiful thing.  So I’m off on my way, snapping pictures and guiding my direction via mobile radar.  Of course as usual, my phone is going off.  People wondering what I’m doing, inviting me out and such.  I appreciate all the offers (2 bars, 1 pub, 2 houses, all for the Bulls game), but I told most of them that I was just going to drive around and watch the storm.

Most of the responses I got were along the lines of “Screw the storm come watch the game!”.  I declined.  Eventually I ended up parking in a parking lot in Libertyville to watch the storm come in, I had beat it over town lines.  One of my friends called and asked what I was doing, and when I told him and went on to say I wanted to go to the pier to watch the storms over lake michigan, I got a response I chuckled at.  “You’re crazy, why?”.

You know, it’s just something I like to do.  I’ve always loved weather and I would rather be outside versus indoors… so why not? It was cool though, like I said I appreciated all of the invites… but while I was sitting there watching the hail bounce off the hood of my car, the lightening streak across the sky, I actually felt kind of alone.  I’ve only ever had someone come out with me to storm watch a handful of times, and it would’ve been nice to have someone to watch it with.  Someone who appreciates it and doesn’t mind.  Sure, I know of a couple people (whom I was texting) who could understand where I was coming from, but two of them were out of my state and another in a different county.

I don’t know, like I was telling a (new-found) friend earlier, I love the outdoors.  I do. Baseball, Water Sports, Hiking, Camping, you name it.  Love it.  I guess it’s just that once every great while, I wish I wasn’t the only one in my group of friends who loves this kind of stuff.  It’d be nice to have someone along with me for the fun.

Not saying but I’m saying.

Guess I’ll stop whining and go back out to watch this next line of storms.  :)


3 thoughts on “One of a kind.

  1. Move Here Now. I need to find that journal from the cafe where I got yelled at for taking pictures of a wall cloud… Wish I could have been there for ya, or that someone could have been <3

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