Know it all.


Good Morning Internet.  I’m in a slightly better mood than yesterday, now I’m just mostly amused.  I was busy as all get out yesterday, work, errands, kid etc… but usually when I’m that busy my brain shuts down into survival mode so I don’t think.  However, yesterday was not the case.

I am a self-proclaimed know it all.  Unlike my old friend who claims to “Just Know” everything about someone, I am a know-it-all because everyone seems to some how know me.  There is something about me apparently that makes people feel comfortable telling me their secrets (which I do not betray fyi) but on the flip side of the coin, makes these same people feel the need to protect me.  If I’ve seen you before, I’ve most likely gotten your history from someone with out even meaning too.  If you’ve severely fucked up… and I should be worried… the world lets me know.

It’s rather quite annoying frankly, because the past is past, mistakes belong there, and I’d rather judge someone on how they treat me than how they handled another situation, how they treated person A once upon a time.  Yet, sometimes I guess it’s a good thing to know a persons actions and personality from a 3rd person perspective, saves me a lot of time.

I just find humor in it honestly.  I meet people in a lot of social scenes, some of which are extremely established.  They show off at the bar, club, venue how they know everyone there, when in all due reality, most of their “friends” some how know me, and it comes up as “Hey Sarah!  I didn’t know you know *insert name here*”.  Usually in chatter shortly after it turns into “So and So is a great person, one of my closest friends” or “I’m just looking out for yah, yah know? But this happened…”.  Before I take anything negative said seriously I verify it, but in the mean time it is filed back in the library that has become my brain.

All of that is why on occasion I just back off.  I just get out of that scene for a little bit, clear my head.  If my new friends or whatever want to hang, they can come see me, so I can talk to them one on one, get to know them with out cocktails at every turn.

Most everyone treats me right when I’m on a night out, it’s very rare I’m treated with disrespect when at a club or pool hall.  Where I learn about someone, where I JUDGE someone, is when they’re sitting down with me, drinking some coffee and we TALK.  Really talk.  That’s when I learn the most about people.

The sad part about that is that now-a-days everyone wants to hit the pub, so I only know of them through their bar personas and what I hear.

*cue sad trombone*


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