Living Life with a Laugh in your Throat.


I get up each morning and being empathetic I usually set my mood for the day almost instantly.  The hard part is making a positive note, hoping that something great happens that day, and I go from there.  Sometimes though, something will piss me off and I’ll be stuck in a shit mood.

Some days though I have the right to choose.  Some mornings I have a negative action and a positive action to decide from.  Then it just comes down to mind over matter and making the correct choice to start myself off on the right foot.  Today is definitely one of those days and thankfully I’m in a great mood.

I went for my run this morning.  Run Run Run.  My neighbor watches my kid before he goes to work so I can trek around the neighborhood before dawn.  Get a little needed exercise in.  I come home, start my coffee and run out to stick a letter in the mail.  I find the second set of flowers I’ve gotten in so many weeks in my mail box.  3 Brown Eyed Susans (Odd choice but my favorite).  Its a friend of mine who I ride with, he pissed me the fuck off a while ago and has apparently got the thought in his head that flowers and notes make it better.  It takes a lot to piss me off, but once  you cross that unforgivable line, I hold a grudge.  I smiled as I tossed the flowers into the trash (again).  Sorry but I have morals and refuse to bow down and get on his level.  So.  Good Note.

I get inside and there’s a message in my email.  One of my girlfriends is mad at me because I told her “I don’t have time to go out during the week, you know, productive adult thing again.”  Apparently she’s pissed because she took that as a dig against her, when in all due reality, I just didn’t want to go out.  So she chews me out via Email (which that and facebook are the ONLY way girls will ever chew me out… grow some Ovaries baby, I won’t bite if you stand up for yourself.) and bam.  I’m irritated.

So there’s the choice.  Be in a good mood because of the flowers?  Be in a bad mood because of the Email?  Be in a good mood because of the weekend plans?  Be in a bad mood because I have to deal with the ex?

I choose to be in a good mood.  Life isn’t simple, you choose the path you set each day.  Tomorrow is a clean slate, why not polish it with today?

Besides, if I’m cranky, shots of Jamo just makes me a bitch…. :)


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