I’m in love with a woman called Hope.



“Running around, like your front page news, lonely eyes and your motorcycle boots”

“I went too fast with them rhythm and blues, almost ended up dead like them other fools”

I am totally loving Social Distortions new Cd.  At first I wasn’t real keen on it, it was a big change in direction (to me) from their older cds and it was… odd.  Now, almost the entire CD has me dancing and grinning like a fool.  Especially this song and “Cant take it with you”.


So this is totally bizarre.  I really am used to working holidays, I woke up at 8am this morning thinking I was late for work, totally spazzing.  Almost YouTube quality.  Now I’m calmed down, sipping my coffee, enjoying the warm breeze coming in my windows, listening to some Social D and Mike Ness’s solo project.  Most definitely enjoying the day, enjoying being off.

Only one problem.  My Crohns is acting up… almost the 7th day in a row.  I’m ignoring it, but ignoring the stomach pain on top of pretending I don’t have hives, chest congestion or massive bruises (thank you platelets, I appreciate it) it’s getting kind of hard to ignore.  At first I was all for taking on all the side effects of Humira in exchange for a break from the Crohns, just to improve the quality of life I have.  However, if my Crohns and fistula are still here… do I want to tolerate it?  I’m not quite sure anymore.


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