Tim is officially a dead beat dad.


So I just went to drop Noodle off at her Dad’s house… he dropped it on me.

“We need to talk.  I’m moving to Colorado on Wednesday.”

I just stared at him for a minute.

“So you’re just going to leave Noodle and Chad?  You’re just going to walk away because you have a free ride over there?”

Don’t blow this out of proportion. I’m not just leaving.”

“We all know once you move you’re not coming back.”

“Well if I have a good job, why would I come back?”

“Um, your kids?”

“Life goes on”

So.  Wednesday he’s moving out to Colorado.  That’s it.  Noodle will no longer have a father.  This is breaking my heart, all she talks about is how much she loves her Daddy, and he’s just going to walk away.  What in god’s name am I going to tell her??  Sorry kid, your Dad hasn’t grown up yet and Colorado is more important than seeing you?

Not only that but this fucks me!  I can’t afford to put her in daycare 5 days a week!  I basically am back to working for childcare!  I finally get my shit straight and he fucks me over.  Oh and a social life?  I think not.  I have ONE sitter. ONE.  My parents don’t help out… this is all me baby.  This is all on my own.  So I guess I’ll just get used to work and then home.

Thanks a lot Tim.  You just broke your daughters heart.  You just screwed me over.  Hope you grow up soon, seeing as how at 35 you haven’t yet.



5 thoughts on “Tim is officially a dead beat dad.

  1. cara

    I hate him for what he’s doing. Kids never get over the feeling of being abandoned. Take it from one who knows. I’m sorry sarah. But hey, think of this: karma never misses

  2. Sno will probably have the best advice for how to tell Noodle. I’m still telling Gabe that sammy is workng everytime he asks for her…

    I know I’ve said it before, he can’t hold a job in Illinois, he won’t be able to hold one in Colorado. Locations don’t fix stupid. And the newness of this new kid will wear off. H’ll be the same deadbeat there as he is here, just more cliffs for exes to shove him off of. Which none of this fixes things for noodle, but at least take some solice in it…. even if it’s just a split second snort. Don’t give up hope, keep it moving… this won’t be the end foryou gus, but hopefully a new door… which sounds horribly opptimistic way too early in the morning… you can slap me later.

    Wish we were a few hours closer. :( Our doors are always open if you and the noodle need an overnight getaway. <3 Love you.

  3. there are movies made about you, you know :) what a heart-stopping new variable you have been handed… and right when things were going so beautifully, as you mentioned.

    “hang in there” doesn’t seem appropriate for someone who clearly does not hang but stomps out a new trail altogether. so… get your boots back out, i guess.

    warmest regards from your cheer corner in the PNW.

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