Dancing. Running. Dancing.




Dancing is what keeps me sane.   I unfortunately don’t get to do it that often anymore.  (Which is why I’m excited for SmartBar at the end of the month) I mean I still get little stints of dancing here and there, the occasional Saturday night at the Pub… or if I want to make my friends feel reeeeally awkward at the pool hall.

You can bet your ass that I dance at home.  My daughter and I will blast some music, whether it be some industrial/ebm, breaks, house, whatever.  You can even catch us rocking out to rockabilly.  My daughter can two step.  Ha.

If you asked me to pick a favorite out of Music and Dancing, I couldn’t.  They go hand in hand.

There is just something about a good night out dancing.  I do believe (music aside) that I love the physical exertion involved.  I love that after a couple hours I can feel my muscles straining.  I can feel each muscle stretch over the bone depending on which way I move.  And assuming I haven’t had any drinks, my rhythm is dead on, then through the strain of my own muscles I can feel the beat of the music.  The beat becomes part of my body.

Now that’s what I call getting high.  It’s like runner’s high.  You push yourself and pull yourself, physically, you feel your body getting ready to quit and then… high.

I love dancing as much as I love music.


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