I’m not as fat as humpty dumpty.


Yesterday after work I had to go clean out Noodle’s things from Tim’s apartment.  Unfortunately Noodle was with me, and as expected, she got upset.  She realized that Daddy is really gone, and spent the following 3 hours crying.  With out going into detail (because I’ll cry again), her being so upset just broke my heart, and for the first time in my life I can say I whole-heartedly hate someone.  Her own father broke her heart, which by proxy broke mine.  No one breaks my little girls heart (until she meets that smoking hott guy, who she will bring over and I’ll be that creepy mom who hits on her boyfriend… yes) and I just turned into a hot mess.

Sorrow and Hatred.

Not a good mix.

So I reached out via text, fb, and phone.

The responses I got were amazing.  You guys posted on my wall, flooded my inbox, blew up my phone/voicemail.  Some people even stopped by.

Thanks everyone, if it wasn’t for your support I’m not sure I would make it out of this heartbreak alive.  I know I will now, but I owe everyone for that.

Thanks.  Thanks for not letting me fall.  Thanks for pulling me off the ground.

Most importantly, thanks for showing love for the Noodle…

… and threatening to kill my ex. :)


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