Why don’t you call off?


Having a Chronic Illness is a pain in my ass, Crohns… well sometimes it’s a literal pain.  That’s cool.  I mean it’s 2011 right?  I’ve had this diagnosed since ’08, been sick since ’07.   I guess I’ll keep trucking.  Even if I just want to curl up in bed.

The thing about being chronically ill is  you can’t stop.  You can’t let the disease take your life from you, if you do, it wins.  You can’t give up what you love to do, how you live and more importantly what you have to do.   If you take a day off just once, juuuust once, you’ll want to take every single day you feel sick off, and if you’re like  me?  Uhm.  Everyday?  You just can’t.  So.  As much as I’d like to spend my day curled up in bed, I’m going to work.  Then I’m going to come home and do my yardwork if it’s not raining.  Suck it.

Last night was a major annoyance to say the least.  I was feeling kind of run down all day (Thank you bronchitis.   Yes.   Won against Pneumonia, now I have Bronchitis.) and I intentionally put off my Humira injection just because.  I decided to do it after Noodle went to sleep, just in case.  Sure enough, I stab myself and with in minutes am covered in Hives.   MINUTES.  Whatever.  Hives can kiss my ass, I’m used to them after 2 months.  They were bad though.  Then hot flashes.  Then Chest pain.  Yeah.  It wasn’t good.

So I went to my neighbors and asked if they’d watch the Noodle and drive me to acute care.  You can tell where this is going, especially since “due to excessive disturbance” most of the acute cares around here “highly recommend that I seek treatment elsewhere”.  Haha.  So I pick the one that dislikes me the least (and coincidentally I owe the most money) and headed out.

Several hours later (and an argument over the my refusal to be transported to Condell) I get some anti-histamines, anti-biotics and some narcotics.   I start feeling better.  I try to leave.  Then we have the age-old argument about leaving AMA.

Ugh.  So needless to say I’m tired, but feeling a bit better.   Humira has become a huge pain,  but unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, it is helping my Crohns.  So you win some you lose some.


*chugs coffee*


One thought on “Why don’t you call off?

  1. JenN-Moo

    Those excessive disturbances might just get you banned from all those places! lol Glad you are feeling a bit better! SMOOCHIES!

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