My family… put me into labor.


I don’t know why I was thinking of this.  Just sitting here laughing at the entire situation as well as my stubborn bullheaded-ness.  When I was pregnant with Noodle, my due date was June 2nd.  I was hoping not to be induced like my I was with my son, so I went into a obgyn appointment that day with my concerns.  My very wonderful doctor assured me I’d be fine and to come back in 1 weeks for a follow-up and to discuss it.

I drove from there straight to my baby-shower.  Yes.  My family threw my baby-shower on the day I was due.  I remember chuckling to myself on my way there that if my grandma didn’t annoy me enough to start labor then I was going to be pregnant forever.

So I get there and sure enough my senile grandmother rushes over and starts talking about crap I had no idea about.  As she’s talking my stomach cramps up.  I bend down a bit and it went away.  The party continued, I was happy to see my cousins but kind of stressed to see the rest of my family I hadn’t seen in a while.  After an hour or so, I realized that my stomach was still cramping.  I used the excuse of stuffing my face with cake to count the time in between.

1 fucking minute.  So I tell my step-ma I got to go and my grandmother starts hollering about giving her a hug.  Half way through the isle the first painful contraction stopped me in my tracks.  Out of my mouth comes “Hold on woman, you put me in labor!”.

Eventually everyone follows my ass to my car where I insist on driving.  From Highland Park back to my apartment in Lindenhurst.  a 45 minute drive.  My step mom tries to convince me to go straight to Highland Park to have my daughter, but I needed to shower goddamnit.  Haha.  No med student was going to see my hairy legs.

So I managed to make the drive all the way back to Lindenhurst to shower.  I get out of the car only to be pushed back in by my exhusband… all the while muttering “I married the crazy one.  Great.”

I didn’t see what the big deal was.  With my son I was in labor for almost a day.  This one had been only maybe 4 hours.

We get to the hospital around 5:30.  I refuse the wheelchair because, DAMNIT it wasn’t that bad yet.

The nurse checks me in my room and informs me “Honey it is that bad, you’re almost 8 cm.”


2 hours later (3 pushes) I had a beautiful daughter.

My first words to her after they cleaned her up and gave her back was “How the hell did today happen?”



3 thoughts on “My family… put me into labor.

  1. candace

    I totally remember that day! And yes you are very stubborn! I love you anyway. It reminds me of your mom. Love you hun!

  2. JenN-Moo

    Damn woman! Lucky you made it TO the hospital! LOL I did the bath and cleaning and all that and look what happened to me! lol Good thing your husband pushed you back in that car, you’d of had a mess to clean up, because Lord knows he wouldn’t of! ;)

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