Father’s Day Post Part 1


I am very very thankful at this current moment that Noodle doesn’t know what Father’s Day is.  Very Thankful.  This innocent little girl doesn’t need to know what she is lacking or missing from her life.  As of this moment, I’m glad that besides her little broken heart she still sees love in the world, she still asks after friends of mine I haven’t seen in months.  I am lucky for that, even the people who are no longer part of my life, people I no longer get along with, still care for Nood.  The term “it takes a village” is by far the most truthful statement I’ve come across thus far in parenting.

So while her father is off gallivanting through Colorado and forgetting she exists, she has plenty of people here to care for her.  She has plenty of people to love her and for her to love.  Tim just inadvertently proved my long-running point.  Blood isn’t always thicker than water, Blood doesn’t make family.  Noodle just had to find this out a bit earlier than I expected, but it’s definitely not a bad thing.

So she may have a flaky dad but she’s got all of you, even the ones in AK, MO and CA to look after her.  She loves all of you, and quite frankly so do I.  In a strictly platonic kind of way.  Except for Jenn.  I’m going to hump her leg.  Which is another blog post so I digress.   So Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there, and that goes for everyone else I know as well.  :D  Thank you everyone for being there and being part of my blended/fukked up family.


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