Father’s Day Post part 2/ Dear Dad, where’s your gin?


Dear Dad,

Happy Father’s Day you old man you!  I can’t believe you haven’t killed me yet!  Is it because I grew my hair out?  Is that the final straw?  Would you finally toss me in the lake if I shaved my head again?  I think that’s it.

You are a good Dad because you just restrained yourself when the thought of calling me and telling me I’m a moron just passed through your mind and didn’t become reality.  :)

Dad, I love you.  I love you for being there for me every step along the way for the last 25 years of your life.  I love you for raising me, for taking care of me, for working your ass off to keep Chelsea and I well taken care of.

I love you and respect you for playing both Mom and Dad for the last years.  Although please don’t dress the part, I’d rather not see you in a dress.   I love you Dad for restraining that urge to call me right now.  :)  Remember it’s humor, we all know you don’t wear dresses.  :)  But no, I love you Dad.  Thank you for playing both parts and raising us right.

Thank you Dad, you earned my respect as a parent for putting up with me during my teenaged years.  All of us are aware of how much trouble I was (sometimes still am).  Thank you for dealing with me, for not strangling me, for the lord knows if I were you I surely would’ve.  Thank you for all of your love after I first tried to fix my life.  If it wasn’t for your support and kind words (and sometimes not so kind “talking-tos”) I most likely would’ve never thought I had it in me to fix my life.

I love you Dad for supporting my decision with my son.  I love you Dad for not telling me I’m retarded when I got married at least not until after the divorce.  :)  I love you Dad for standing by me and helping change my locks after that mess.  Thank you and I love you Dad.

Thanks Pops for standing by me as a Single Mom.  Thanks for giving me the support I need to feel like I can handle raising Noodle on my own.  Thank you for giving me the memories of you growing up, raising us the best you could.  Thank you Dad, I love you for being such a great Dad.  And now, thank you Dad for being a great Grandpa!


Sarah and The Noodle


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