My roots.



Sitting outside on my lunch break, I’m hurting pretty good at the moment.  I guess being chased (literally full sprint) by a horde of kids yesterday was really good exercise.  My body hurts.  Plus staying up late drinking beer and chatting isn’t helping my cause… but you know what?  It was totally worth it. 

Sunday/night was exactly my vibe.  During the day I spent my time at a bbq with a bunch of my friends spinning.  It was a gorgeous day, great music and conversation, and exercise.  Perfect.  Spent the evening bullshittin w a friend in the kitchen.  Talk about a much needed break. 

I noticed this weekend that I’m burnt out on a lot of things and yet at the same time I’m missing a lot of what I enjoy.  So its time to get back to my roots, my vibe.  :)  I’m just glad I realized this now instead of later. 


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