Running Away.


I am super stressed out, I need a break.  I need to break out of this mold I put myself in these past few weeks.  Tim leaving really screwed things up, from daycare to finances to stress from dealing with Noodle.  All of which has taken a toll on my mental and physical state. 

I started realizing this Sunday, if not earlier.  I was sitting outside in the sun, just listening to the music playing at the 619 event.  I was at peace just running around with the kids, sitting in the grass, talking with my friends and relaxing.  It was then that I realized exactly how stressed I am.

Then my car broke down which just added to my stress levels.  As a result my Crohns and anxiety started acting up.  I feel sick.  Which just continues this endless circle. 

So this next week and a half, through the holiday weekend, I am focusing on clearing my mind.  I am focusing on me, my life and Noodle.  Starting with girl time on Saturday, followed by dancing at a couple spots that night.  Then a night in the city after a quick job on Thursday.  The following weekend?  I’m going up north to my family’s property.  I plan on spending the entire weekend outside.

If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what will.  :)


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