“Sorry if I sound like a creep, but Oh. Em. Gee.  You’re a Giant.”

“It’s cool, you’re what 90lbs?  I’m going to throw you over the fence.”

And a new friend was made.  He only picked me up and dropped me once.  Apparently I have awesome social skills.  *Ahem*

Last night was a blast.  I totally needed that, last week was so unbelievably stressful that my shoulders were basically up to my ears.  So with the luck of the Irish (Whiskey) I went out.  I drank.  I jumped on my friends.  I danced.  I drunk texted everyone.  I had fun.

This morning I feel great!  A little tired but basically stress free!  It’s like a weight has been lifted and my miniscule problems are put back into a realistic perspective.  :D

I’m kind of sad though, I had invited a friend out with me, (well actually numerous people, thanks everyone for coming out to visit me!  So much fun!  Oh and Dan, I’m sorry for sucker punching you.) and kind of got blown off.  I at least expected a text back saying “No, I’m going to stay in.”  But nothing.  That always irritates me.  I don’t care if you don’t want to come out but my biggest pet peeve is not responding.  Oh well.  I guess I know not to extend invites to him.  *shrugs*

Ah.  Well I guess it’s back to cleaning.  I need to get this week over with smoothly!  I can’t wait to go to Wisco this weekened!


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