Moving on and moving up.


Life is full of stress.  Social stress, financial stress, health issues, family issues, so on and so forth.  Life can be hell.  It really can be.  However, I’m taking a dose of my own medicine (so to speak) today.  At this current moment in time, I’m watching the short one run in circles, cooking dinner and relaxing with a cold beer.

Today was frustrating.  Noodle’s daycare hit me up for more money on top of the $190 I owe them on Friday.  That put me in the negative and I freaked for a couple hours.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the negative.  Then one of my coworkers told me she knows how it feels to struggle and she’d lend me a couple bucks.  I was honestly surprised, I mean I consider her a friend but never thought that she saw me in good enough of a light to lend me money.

I sat back and de-stressed.  It helps to realize there are good people in the world and that people care.  Sometimes I have to be reminded that no matter what it always works out one way or another.  Just 4 more days of work, then it’s a 3 day weekend up at the lake house.  I hope to spend my time on the beachfront, on a jetski and a bike.  :)  I can’t wait.


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