Flowers, Springtime, and Growing up.


Wow, I never thought I’d get off of the 3rd shift kick.  I mean between working soo many jobs and stay up for absolutely no good reason, the idea of being awake at 5am willingly was only because I stayed up later.   I’m still mentally getting used to being part of the “grown up world”.  I mean hell, I was unconscious by 9pm last night, and the only reason I didn’t go to sleep earlier was because I was determined to act my age.

One of the biggest perks to waking up at 5am is being able to fall asleep with little to no trouble.  I just make sure I’m active all day and then with a little meditation I fall right asleep.  So being a grown up means kicking Insomnia’s fat skank ass!!  I’ll take it!  It feels good to get a real nights sleep instead of the broken 4-5 hours of the past.  Now to imagine this all comes with a paycheck too!  Full of win.

If there is one thing this 8-5 job has given me, it’s normalcy.   It’s a schedule I’ve never had before.  Sure I worked at 6-2 job when I was 18, but then I got off work and went right to my 3-10 job.  This is the closest I’ve been to a normal schedule in years.  Short of being a stay at home mom, this is the first time I’ve been home from work in time to cook dinner.  Which makes my day.

Well.  Kids.  It looks like Sarah miiight be a tiny bit of a grown up.  I mean come on.  I have HAIR and a “normal job”.  What’s next a mini van (rendezvous) and an attraction to fou fou flavored coffees (blueberry)?





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