Full of Awesome/Gin is Still Nasty.

The Almighty Lake House Beach

“Thanks Dad for letting me bring a friend again.”

“No problem Sarah.  I know I’m just too awesome to hang out with, you need someone to keep you company.”

“Yeah you’re right Dad, I think it’s just that I’m awesome too, and both of us are so full of awesome that we clash.  You know.”

“Yeah, it’s like we cancel each other out.”

 This weekend I got to make my temporary escape.  Unfortunately it was short-lived, much like a good box o’ wine.  It’s great, but then it’s over and you come back to reality.  Ahh wine… but that’s besides the point.

On Saturday I spent the morning packing, cleaning and annoying myself with how often I was checking the time.  The hours were just crawling by, it was like Christmas when I was like 5 and still was okay with hairy fat men breaking into my house after watching to make sure I was a “Good Little Girl” all year.   So finally 3 o’clock hit and my friend D showed up.  We packed my kid and all of my crap into the car and it was time to bolt.

Lately I haven’t been bringing anyone up north because no one seems to enjoy it.  Granted this weekend was a little more laid back than usual, but most people just don’t seem to relish in being outdoors/out on the lake as much as I do.  So finding someone who wanted to come with, someone that I know has some sort of appreciation for nature made my day.  Not only that, but I had someone to talk to on the way up so I wasn’t talking to myself or making faces at other cars for 3-4 hours.

So this weekend was wonderful.  We spent the time hanging out with each other, having good conversations, hanging out with my family and lots of food and beer/wine as well as explosives.  Oh.  I almost forgot.  My favorite part.  Water.  We all, and D and I spent a good deal of time out on the wave runners.  Flying around, splashing each other and exploring.  I think we all got sunburned from that as well.  I do believe racing D and then my Dad and M was just well…. tits.   We didn’t water ski this time, but pulled a few tubes behind the wave runners.  M and I took some kids for their first times, it was simply adorable.  Then I goaded M into whipping me around the lake.  I do believe that my line was “Hey M, lets play a game.  It’s called Flip Me Off This Tube In Record Time.   Lets just say I skipped across the water like a rock.  :D

The ride home was nice, good conversation but it still was like driving towards my doom.  It always feels like that when I come back down here, but this weekend was just what I needed so even though it’s back to reality and back to the grind, I’m still relatively stress free and in a great mood.  I love hanging out with my family, and I’m really starting to like hanging out with D.  I guess we’ll just see where this summer goes.


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