The trick is loving your body…


…despite it’s issues.  There are days, like today where it’s hard to get moving.  It feels like someone is ripping out my intestines through my nose (the visual?  You’re welcome).  Crohns is acting up but I refuse to lay down and take it.  I have a life to live and shht to do.  The hardest part is not resenting your body, not wishing you have some other disease or affliction.

I sometimes have to sit back for a minute and realize how much my poor body has been through, what it’s accomplished.  This line of thinking I think is why I have a good personal body image, high confidence and will power.  So, while I’m having a hard morning I’m remembering what my body has done thus far in 25 years.   I’ve birthed two beautiful children.  I’ve participated in water sports, dirt biking, running, softball you name it!  It held up!  It supports me for hours of dancing.  It lets me swim!  It doesn’t argue too much when I want to be outside in 90 degree heat.  It sports my scars from all of my accidents.  It may be tense and have inflamed joints, but it let me go running last night.  It lets me use my hands to write, to craft, to draw.  It holds all of my crap ink and it doesn’t mind the holes I’ve put in it.  My legs let me chase my daughter, and it’s lungs let me laugh from my core.   My muscles let me hold on to my friends when I’m on the back of a bike, those same muscles know when to be gentle when those friends need to be held.  My eyes let me see what I want to see, acknowledge and appreciate the world around me.  And even when eating isn’t possible due to Crohns disease, I can still taste the flavors this world has.

Sure my body may be flawed, from the stretch marks to the genetics.  Sure I may not be able to do everything and have my bad days.  My body is still mine, I still only get one, and I love the one I have.  I will not take it for granted.


2 thoughts on “The trick is loving your body…

  1. Hey Sarah,
    This is a beautiful post, and I needed it. Thank you.
    I believe this is one I will be returning to in my own bad days. I want to be able to say all these things about myself. I have spent the last year hating my body, but maybe you are right.
    “I may not be able to do everything and have my bad days. My body is still mine, I still only get one, and I love the one I have. I will not take it for granted.”
    This is a powerful statement. I am not ashamed to say your post brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat. I need to love my body, as I need to love myself. I need to stop hating my life, no matter how depressing it is, because I only get one and it is up to me to keep fighting to make it as strong and healthy as I want all of me to be.
    Whoa! That is a huge task! Emotionally, physically and psychologically well?? Is it possible?? :P
    I want to reply to your comment, but if you are not adverse to it, I would like to email you?
    I hope this note finds you well and happy!
    p.s. I don’t know why I insist on being an initial, but I do! Riddle me this, five letters, you.

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