Lessons I learned today.


No matter what my timing is always off, but when I’m ready things will line up.

Sometimes no matter how hard I try, stupid shit comes out of my mouth.

Real friends love me regardless of said mouth.

Follow your heart, but don’t miss something along the way…

…I hope that I can remember to follow this in the future and that my friend follows it as well.

A cold beer,  a cigarette, and a good friend will cheer up any mood.

I am not an asshole for asking a question point blank.  I know I have problems with my social skills, but that’s who I am and there is nothing wrong with that.  So for me it comes down to point blank and that’s completely fine.

I am overbearing as a friend, I talk to much and love hanging out with people, so if people have a problem with me bugging them so much then they aren’t really friends.

I need new vitamins.  Mine make my stomach hurt.  lol.

The heart rules the brain, hands down, but your dreams rule your heart no matter what.  Aim your arrows high.

Most importantly of all:  Expect nothing from the world, expect little from people, and expect everything from yourself.  If you think you can’t hold up to your expectations, try harder.

Everything works out for the best, there is a reason for everything.

Good night kids.


One thought on “Lessons I learned today.

  1. Real friends love you BECAUSE of said mouth. And granted we’ve only physically have hung out a few times, BUT you must stop saying you have social issues, ’cause I’ve never noticed a single problem, and you make me want to slap you. If other’s can’t take your outgoing/ingoing personality (you’re like me there you have to have people and other days you wanna kill them all) that is not your fault… it’s not your social awkwardness to own, it is their’s!

    The rest is dead on.

    Ps. As to your other question, try a neighbor’s pool or the dumpster at Harpo Studios. ;p

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