Hospital Stays, Hot Nurses, and My Little Ponies


Ahh, home.  Home is where I don’t have 2 IV lines, where I don’t have allergic reactions to pain killers or surgical consults on stand by.  Home is where I can sit on my couch in pain with out a nurse poking my belly.  Home.  I’m glad to be back.  For the record assholes, (this is aimed at those who already have yelled at me) I didn’t check out AMA!  I just bitched enough to push up my check out date.  Neeeeener.

Crohns Disease.  She proved what a low down bitch she really is.  Tuesday I woke up in immense pain, I hadn’t felt that kind of pain since I was first got sick in 2007.  I just figured it was another flare, you know, because I just have awesome luck and my body loves me.  I pushed myself to go into work, why?  Because I have to pay the bills some how, and come on now, you know I never let Crohns dictate what I’m going to do.

So work is going on and the pain is getting worse.  I left my doctor a couple messages as well as the on-call GI nurse.  Eventually Dr. C calls me back and asks for my symptoms.  I list them off, figuring he’d just move up my appointment to the following week.  Welp.  I was wrong.  He tells me he thinks I have an obstruction and that I need to go to the ER.  If I can find a ride to his one do that asap, if not call an ambulance.

I nearly fell out of my desk chair.  An obstruction?  Seriously?  Er?  Seriously?  Okay…  so I start calling around for rides.  No one is available (and a lot of people didn’t answer their phones), if I took an ambulance, I’d most likely be taken to Condell… a hospital where Dr. C does NOT work.  So I started getting desperate.  Em asked my boss, and he was nice enough to truck my half-dying ass there where I was promptly rushed into the ER.

There is talk of surgery depending on what kind of obstruction it is, they were all worried that I had scar tissue from my fistula (an abnormal path from one organ to another.  Mine is from my intestine to my bladder.) and if it was that it would be time for surgery.  To be quite honest, that freaked me out.  Big bad ass Sarah almost lost her cool at the thought of my first real surgery (the whole abscess thing sooo doesn’t count).  Thankfully it was just an obscene amount of inflammation… so much that my Colon was damn near collapsed.

I was admitted.

Those of you who personally know me know how much I HATE hospitals.  This was not good.

The first night was horrible.  I started vomiting (again), and the pain was the worst I felt in a long time.  The nurses tried and tried to find an anti-nausea/pain medication that worked, but it took all night.  The side effects were awful… depressed breathing (what a scary feeling) and panic attacks.  Eventually they found one and I slept for a couple hours.

From there on out I started improving.  I was put on different IV antibiotics and steroids and by Thursday I wanted out despite the pain.  I was discharged yesterday afternoon after I proved I could hold down liquids.  I am now injecting Humira twice as often, am on prednisone (steroids) and a strong antibiotic.  I am not looking forward to the side effects but quite frankly I’m glad I got to keep my insides… inside me.

Today I am feeling a tad bit better.  My stomach still has a lot of pain but my hopes are up.  Thank you everyone for checking up on me… definitely made me realize who my true friends are.  :)  I’ll update as time goes on!


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