…and go!


There must be something in the water.  There must be.  I’m convinced.  I haven’t been this upbeat and positive for this long in months.  Maybe the government finally dropped some Xanax in the water treatment facility.

Something is just going on in my head, or maybe it’s the post-hospital mania that I have been victim to time and time again, either way?  I’m happy.  Every day I wake up smiling, actually looking forward to going to work, to getting my chores done and of course spending time with my little one.  (See?  Xanax in the water, I’m telling you!)

I wake up in a good mood, I fall asleep in a good mood.  Through out the day, my worries pop up but are quickly squashed, I know I’ll figure everything out and it’ll all work out one way or another.

I’m lucky I have the support of my friends and family through all of this (this being illness/stress), and I thank my stars for that.  I wouldn’t be able to face being sick again with out them, especially my Dad and Step-mom.  My family and friends have been there every step of the way these past few years, and with them I’ve been able to better myself, with the exception of a couple of mistakes along the way.

My Crohns disease seems to be going back into pseudo-remission with the help of careful diet, exercise and of course the copious amounts of medications I am now stuck on.  Quite honestly, it does scare me.  I guess my doctor is worried that I’ll end up having surgery with in the year, but for some reason I’m not too worried about it.  Again, that elated feeling.  I know I’ll get through it.  Life deals tough cards some how, but that’s the hand you get and you just have to learn to play through.

Work is going relatively well, I still enjoy working there and I think that trend will continue.  It seems like everyone functions (or dysfunctions) like a family and I really like the aspect, it doesn’t have that cold, unsociable feeling most offices have.  Like I posted in facebook earlier, I am lucky to have a job I don’t dread going to in the morning.

So I went to court this Monday for my DUI.  It was nothing big or eventful, just the arraignment.  My next court date is this Monday, it’ll be the first hearing for my driver’s license suspension.  I am waiting to hear back from my lawyers (yes as in plural) to see what path we’re going to take, as is there are two that would allow me to drive after only a super short suspension.  Either way, I’m just waiting for the next cards to be dealt and learning from the experience.  Just comparing my case to the ones I am (very) familiar with and the ones I’m just now hearing about, mine is mild and well tamed.  I guess learning manners and gratitude, not to mention respect towards Police Officers and our (sometimes messed up) Judicial System really is going to help me in the long run.  What’s done is done, now to learn from it and get through it.  I’ll be updating on that with every court date.

Something else that makes me smile?  I made yet another new friend, in what I thought was the most unlikely of places.  I love new friends, especially when they are as genuine as this one.  Just simply cooking for each other, it’s my turn next by the way, sitting and talking and horsing around.  Of course we get along when we go out as well.  I guess it’s just nice to meet a good soul that I can familiarize with and enjoy the company.

On that note, I’ve still been backing away from the bar scene.  I still go out once a week or every other week, but I have been letting those “Bar-Friends” drift off.  Sure enough, now that I’m not agreeing to go out to the pub every single night, the majority of them have dropped off.  Which (now) is completely okay with me, almost all of them are good people and I am in no way bad mouthing them (except unless they give blow jobs in the men’s bathroom… ahem) but it’s actually really nice to see who is a close friend of mine, a real friend.

Now I’m just working on clearing out the rest of the drama, ignoring the bad influences and finding like-minded people to befriend.  Not to mention nurture the crazy friendships I already have.  It’s really soothing to finally know who is there for me, and whom I can call (and vice versa).

Ahh, well I guess I’m going to read now that I’m done rambling.  I’ve got this great book I can’t seem to keep my nose out of.  I’ll be real let down when I finally finish it.

Good Night.


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