Beer and Music. Friends and Lies.


Last night really caught me off guard.  I wanted a night in, but wanted some social interaction as well, so I invited some friends over and expected a mild night.  It ended up being pretty crazy with a good group of us hanging out in the front yard, from old friends to new friends, from my daughter’s day care teacher to my neighbors.  It was a good mix.  It was super nice to see everyone and even more pleasing to see everyone outside of the bar.  Definitely a fun night.

I did find out some information I really didn’t want to know though, I found out how deep the betrayal was with one of my so called friends.  There’s not a lot that can make me mad, there’s not a lot that will make me hate a person, as this girl should know.  I gave her so many chances to redeem herself, but this last one was it.

I was friends with her in high school, for whatever reason we drifted apart over the years and that was fine, normal even.  I left it be.  Then I started seeing my ex-husband Tim, I found out that they knew each other and that she had been after him for some time.

(Side note:  I am not absolving Tim of any guilt or myself of any stupidity, at this point I should have walked away, but I was a stupid love-struck girl)

So while I was seeing Tim, she was texting him, flirting with him, sexting.  I let it go.  You know, what did I care?  I reamed him out and I thought that was the end of it.  Once we decided to get married, I spoke to her on the phone and told her what was happening, so she was aware.

I thought that was it.  Not in the least.  Well once we moved to our first apartment, I caught them messaging on Myspace, Tim had been trying to sell some Vicodin (fucking retard) and she had responded.  The conversation went somewhere along the lines of  “I could use some Vicodin, it’ll help loosen me up for a movie (porn) I have to shoot” and then Tim telling her the price and her saying “Well I don’t have the money but maybe I can pay in other ways.”  Yeah, to a married man.  Classy.

I lost it.  I saved all the emails, kicked my ex-husbands ass and blocked her.

Time went on and I found all of her crude porno on his computer, this was after I moved in my house and shortly before I filed for divorce.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep her skank ass out of my marriage.


I let it go.  It takes a lot for me to hold a grudge, and we started hanging out again after my divorce.  Our friendship was rocky for several reasons but it was there.

Then she got a DUI.  A bad one.  I had been drinking too, so once she got arrested I sent a sober friend to her Mom’s house and then went to bed.  I had my kid here, I couldn’t go anywhere, so sleep it was.  The next morning she blew up my phone asking what happened, and (naturally) blaming me.  I let her blow off steam and she eventually came to terms with the fact that only she was to blame.  However, apparently she still harbors anger towards me because I slept instead of texting her while she was in jail.


So ironically (and fitting), she was my passenger when I got my DUI.  Luckily we were 2 houses down from mine when I got pulled over, so she was able to just walk there instead of accompanying me to the station.

I was only gone for 2, maybe 2 1/2 hours, like I said before, really run of the mill DUI, and I got dropped back off at my house by the officer.

When I got there she was cuddling with my friend on the couch, but you know what?  That’s cool, no biggy.  So I got the scoop from her.  She told me she was so worried the whole time I was in jail, she was freaking out and trying to bail me out.  I told her it wasn’t needed but thank you and left it at that.

Well apparently there was no freaking out to be had, as I came to find out from two different people last night.  Her pseudo ex informed me that she had spent the entire night texting him, asking him to come pick her up and yadda yadda yadda.  Then my close friend informed me that they were messing around that night and had slept together.

From my close friend, that is expected, hell from her that’s expected.  That’s not what I’m mad about.  What I’m mad about is that she LIED.  She made it seem like she was so worried about me and doing me a favor and staying at my house and calling my friends, but when in all due reality she was texting one guy trying to find  ride to his house, and FUCKING another.

Why lie?

I let everything go, hell she tried to help my ex-husband cheat on me, and I let that go and never brought it up again.  I wouldn’t have been mad if she drunkenly messed around with my friend while I was in trouble.  I don’t care, but don’t do those things and then blow smoke up my ass about how “worried” you are.  I’m sorry, being worried does not a cock in your mouth.




So needless to say, if you can’t tell, I’m a little pissed.  I’m venting on here, because I refuse to fight with her anymore.  After all the betrayal, after all the lies, I’m finally done giving chances.  I’m done with that friendship.  I hope she gets her life straight and stays out of trouble, but she also needs to stay away from my life.

I don’t need that kind of negativity and drama in my life, I got rid of the ex husband, so I’m done with her too… that last dramatic negative person… gone.


And it feels good.


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