Heart Break


I’m at the beach right now, watching everyone swim.  I’m however taking a break after having a talk with Noodle.  My heart broke for her a few minutes ago.  There’s something about anguish in a childs eyes that kills a mother on the inside.

She was playing with her friend and her friends Dad when I heard it.  She called him Dad.  Repeatedly.  I assumed she was just doing it because her friend was.  You know.  Monkey see, monkey do.  So I called her over and told her that’s not his name and reminded her that her daddy is working hard and loves her very much. (Lies)

She teared up and said “but my Daddy is gone, he doesn’t love me.  I don’t want him as my Daddy any more.”  I just hugged her and told her not to do it again and sent her back to the water.

How long do I continue to lie to my child? 


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