Dear Kelly F…


Dear Kelly,

I’m sorry that you seem to have spent the last 3 days doing nothing but insulting me on your twitter, dwelling on the past, and posting blogs about me.  It’s really sad that you can’t just let things be and not only that insult my parenting.

I’ll be nice and even link your blog for you.  Maybe you can even get some traffic this way… since only you, Andy and myself read it.

So since we’re going to be down right nasty, I figure it’s time to play along.  First on the agenda…

“Friday however, was just straight up pathetic. My phone started blowing up at 0230 with texts from a guy I dated this summer. I haven’t spoken to him in weeks since we had already broken up, and I found out he lied about having a third kid on the way after-the-fact.
He went off on some tangent about me being a slut, and bringing up the night a ‘friend’ of mine got a DUI. He ranted about me “breaking up my friends marriage” (actually I did) , accusing me of giving random guys blowjobs in the bathrooms of bars (Um, I believe you did, seeing as how the bouncer, who will vouch for it, dragged you out of the mens room) , fucking some nasty-ass local dj (which you did, you admitted it too, I have the texts saved) , being a horrible friend to above mentioned girl, throwing STDs in my face, calling me pathetic because I’m living at home and being unemployed (um.  Aren’t you and your mother living in your grandmother’s basement…and you got fired from *7-Eleven*?) … Oh, and the best one was when he brought up my “extensive” ‘porn’ career (lmao) (Actually it was “low-budget porn career.. I coined the term, I should know) . Exclaiming that I have no dignity because my future kids are going to “see me taking dick all over the internet”. LMAO again… Please, excuse me while I change my pants from pissing because I’m laughing so hard.”

Second off Dear Kelly,

” Well it seems she don’t like the fit of my shoes because she flipped, took it as a threat, and blamed me for putting her “job,family, and stability in jeopardy”. Um, I’m just gonna give you the same words you gave me, you made the decision to drive drunk, deal with the responsibility of your choice.”

I never once blamed you.  Actually the first thing I did was take responsibility, and if you can find one person who heard me blame my getting a DUI on you, I’ll pay your damned fines.  What I did tell you, is that I didn’t want your court case, seeing as how it’s all fucked up… breaking your conditions of bond and all… attached to mine.  I did not want to look worse in front of the judge because of you.  I did not want YOUR case to put MY case, there for my “job, family and stability” in question.  So please, if you’re going to quote me, don’t leave shit out.

Next up:

“It just makes me laugh to see how this girl has turned out. She reminds me of the same girl she was in high-school. Only, this time around she has herself convinced she has made a miraculous self transformation… She has her own house, true… I’ll give her that. But its a crackhouse turned shitbox… (So my house is a crackhouse turned shit house?  Nice for someone to let me know, that’s why my house is worth twice the amount of your grandmother’s.  Right) The interior is filthy, unfinished, and unkempt.  (The interior has a brand new pergo floor, ceramic tile floor, and is in the process of being painted and remodeled.  Unlike your house, which is covered in cat and dog hair, ants, old food and cigarette butts. I loved sitting there inhaling the smell of cat piss and rot.  So excuse me, I’m glad you feel like you can pass judgement, let me know what the police think when they find the marijuana all over the house.  I believe I win this one) It’s nothing to be jealous of, and yes the night she got pulled over I tried to find a ride home. I started texting my ex while still in her car(under the impression I was going to have to take a ride to the police station) because if she did end up in jail, I wasn’t gonna sit there in her shitbox watching her kid. After all, the night of my DUI, she couldn’t even be bothered to text me and see if I was safe… Fuck trying to get me out, I could get out… But all this talk about “friends”, she sure failed on her end as much as she accuses me… (I thought we’ve already been over this.  I went to SLEEP.  You went to JAIL.  I sent your friend to your mother to get you out of jail since I COULDNT LEAVE. I’m sorry I fell asleep and didn’t text you until you woke me up in the morning.  My bad.) 
She holds herself in such high regard because she is a single mother… Yet, anytime she could get a babysitter, she would dump the kid and then ran straight to the bar. (I’m so glad to know that it makes me a terrible mother because I have a life and *gasp* go out every Saturday or every other Saturday after my kid is asleep.  I can’t wait until you have children, you’ll learn that it’s okay to have a life outside of them.) She has been in love with the bottle since I can remember, and when we were hanging out she would make choices that I never would, like drinking while driving to the city to party. (First off, I have never drank while driving, if I’m not mistaken you were the one with the open container in the car during your DUI, second off, you’re one to talk about drinking, at least I REMEMBER going out, I’m not the one who has run down the street drunk and woke up in a ditch.  I’m the one who goes dancing and has  few drinks then goes home and goes to sleep.) A weekend or two before her DUI, she backed into another car while leaving the bar and going to another (you’ve never bumped a car backing up in a tiny ass parking lot?  Yeah okay, my bad.) … Bottom line, responsible single mothers don’t go out and get shitty and drive themselves home every weekend…(I think I’ve been actually DRUNK maybe 5 times this year, including my DUI which was .082.  And beyond that I took cabs and walked.)  Tempt fate so many times, and she will catch you…. It would be sad for her kid to lose her mother… But honestly, better off. I know her son is, to bad her daughter isn’t as lucky.”  (Last but not least, I can’t believe you stooped this low.  You honest to god said that my daughter would be better off if I DIED?  That my son is more lucky because he was given up for adoption?  This is simply horrendous.  I hope that you regret saying such a thing, and I hope that if something ever does happen to me, you can look my daughter in the face and not feel guilty.  I promise you Kelly, you better not ever face me, I don’t let comments like that slide.

I am so incredibly disappointed in you.  Your ex boyfriend called you out for cheating on him and I called you out for lying to me.  Then I dropped it.  I can’t believe you’re still carrying on and insulting me AND my family when you have absolutely no right to.  You should have just dropped it.  You shouldn’t have went there.  It shows what a selfish, obsessive person you are.  I’m sorry that you can’t take that I am happy in life and that you’ve screwed up.  I’m sorry that you’re life is not the way you want it to be, but you need to back the fuck off, grow up, and leave me alone.

Oh and please don’t come back with some lame ass threat about getting me pulled over next time I’m out, because frankly, you don’t have any cops that would do shit for you, and they can’t pull me over if I’m not doing anything wrong.

Just drop it, grow up and leave me alone.  I never want to hear from you again, especially after saying something about my children.  Grow up.  Christ.



3 thoughts on “Dear Kelly F…

  1. candace

    She f***king pisses me off! I hope you never talk to that piece of crap again! I am super pissed! You know the truth and that’s all that matters. Keep trash like this out of your life!

  2. Thank you Candace. I’m just so shocked that she went that far. We fought on Friday night, and she’s been stewing this long about it. Then to insult my child? Wow. I’m done with her, had been planning on it, let all of the other comments go, but this? This pissed me off.

  3. But, um, she is in the health field, really, she knows all, automatic super star ya know. *snort* But I wouldn’t give a second thought to any single word she wrote, not one of them. You’re worth more than that. All she was doing was trying to make herself look better by knocking down your achievements. Jealousy, it’s ugly, and she has it bad. And I’m pretty sure everyone can read between those lines/lies.

    I’m just saying, this girl should not have the privelage of getting under your skin. Nor should her bitter words sit in your mind for one more second.

    Luvs ya.

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