The storms are rolling in and of course my fingers start itching, I don’t know what it is about rain but I always want to write.  There is something so soothing about the sound of rain, even if it’s punctuated by the squeals of small children rolling in the mud in my yard.

Life is good.  I am content.  Getting out and about last night with Ry to see everyone was nice, even though we didn’t do too much.  It was nice to just escape for a little bit.  I guess this weekend is the last pseudo carefree weekend, seeing as how I lose my license next Sunday… after this it’ll be relying on public transit for a little while until my suspension is lifted, but hey, at least it’ll be suspended for the nice months of fall, when I don’t mind being outdoors.

I am still trying to find some one to help out with rides to and from work, that is proving to be difficult, even with the offer of cash as well as a tank of gas.  If anyone knows of any one looking to make an extra hundo and gas in exchange for rides, let me know.  I would much rather pay people I know vs taxis.

In other news, my health seems to finally improving.  The extra doses of Humira and the Prednisone seem to be really doing their job.  I’m finishing up my anti-biotics today, so hopefully this fistula closes.  I am really getting tired of feeling sick.  It just honestly wears me out, I am so tired at the end of the day that I am surprised I am still standing.  But improvements are improvements regardless of how small.  I will not let this disease rule my life, no matter what.

Ah so it’s the weekend finally.  This week was just long.  All of that drama with Kelly really irritated me, more than I’d like to admit.  It really did make me realize a lot of different things though, the first and foremost being how much support I really have and how many great people have my back and care for my little Noodle.  The outrage at the comment aimed at my child melted my heart, myself I’m not so worried about, but the support and fury people showed while defending my child and there fore me really made me appreciate people.  So thank you everyone!  You made our day and we’re lucky to have all of you in our lives.

I’m glad that whole mess is over, even though apparently she’s still reeling over on her facebook, blocking every aspect of her from my life made my stress levels drop tenfold.  The negativity that came from that friendship went unnoticed on my part, only to have me realize it after it’s over.  I’m glad I was able to improve my life in the positive in the end, it was worth the fight.

Plus, I met someone by proxy through this whole mess, and I’m very grateful.  I don’t know what’ll come from it, but I always love new friends I get along with, if it wasn’t for their falling out, I wouldn’t have gained this.  You know the saying, when one door closes, another one opens.

Well I guess that’s enough monotonous rambling for now, the storm is clearing up and Noodle and I have things to do.


One thought on “Thunderstorms.

  1. Hey there,
    I owe you an email… But for now, do you know I got kinda yelled at by that girl whose screen name is ‘leahlidocaine’ because I gave her an honest response to her blog post… She kinda said nice things and then fly off the handle and then said nice things, which I am guessing is a model for what a lot of her relationships are like and I am totally not up for some bitchy little fight. Just thought I’d tell you this slightly ridiculous story. She was so rude and assuming.
    Are you feeling better today? I like that you sound a little more optimistic these days. It gives me hope that i may be able to look on the bright side of my situation sometime soon! :P
    I hope this note finds you well and happy!

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