Kenosha Harbor


Wow what a great weekend!  What a wonderful end to the weekend.  :) ::insert cliche happy phrase here::  Today I was lucky enough to sleep in and relax.  Once I got up I had to go fetch my car from Fox Lake and R and I took the kids up to one of my favorite spots, Kenosha Harbor.  There’s a coffee house there I love called Common Grounds, and walking down the harbor is one of my best past times.  R managed to grab the kites so the kids could fly them.  We spent a great deal of time laughing and laying around in the grass.   Perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Afterwards it was back to R’s house for home made pizza and more lazing around.  Called it an early night though, I’m exhausted after all the fun this weekend and Monday is right around the corner.  I have a lot to accomplish this week and I definitely need a lesson in patience and plenty of energy.

Hope everyone survived the weekend all right, have a good Monday!


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