So I’ve been thinking today.  She-who-shall-not-be-named had been making comments (online, although I’m sure in real life as well) about her ex and myself.  You know, the generic high school remarks that only angsty 16 year old pseudo goth kids make.  The one that she mentioned me in on (the almighty) Twitter was “You have my sloppy seconds, he lowered his standards”.

You know, I didn’t really put much thought into it at the time, but as she continued to talk shit, I did.  I’m not quite sure how I should take it beyond kind of chuckling to myself.  At first I kind of understood the *idea* behind that statement, but in reality it doesn’t make much sense.  Sloppy Seconds?  Um.  I sure as hell didn’t sleep with him immediately after she did, so if that makes it Sloppy Seconds, then everyone in the whole world gets sloppy seconds unless they sleep with a virgin.  Haha.  Then the whole “lowered his standards” bit.  Now that’s got me confused.  Her and I are completely different, definitely a different taste… from style, to music, to appearance, to financial status, to employment status, to our pasts and what we’ve been through.  I’m not sure because I’m different than her that it’s valid to say he lowered his standards.  I would like to think he raised them a bit. Going from someone who is unemployed living at her grandmothers to someone who is employed full-time, in college and owns her own home.  But to each their own.

I used to always have the rule that I would never date a friends ex, (remember kids, I said date.  I’m still theoretically Chronically Single, the Sarah you all know and have come to loathe.) but in this one chance I’m letting that pretense go.  Why not?  She-who-shall-not-be-named and I are no longer friends, and after the things she said will never again be friends, and it’s not my fault she chose to cheat on him.  All I know is that I enjoy his company and would like to see if something could develop down the road.  Some one who can make me genuinely smile is worth giving a damn for.  Plus, what could I lose?  If nothing happens, I will still hopefully have a good friend.


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