What a weekend! It was such a turn around from my mood-nose-dive on Friday.  It was most definitely needed and my spirits are on the up and up again.

Yesterday Noodle and I just hung around the house together, listening to music and relaxing.  It was nice to just hang out together.  Then last night my wonderful sitter came by and watched Noodle for me.  I headed out to Antioch to see Joe’s band play and meet up with Ryan. Pretty cool, been a long time since I’ve been to a show.  After that we headed back towards my place to meet up with Ed. 

On the way there the funniest shit happened… we were driving down the back roads and all of a sudden… CRAAAACK. My damned taillight fell off the gotdamned car. LoL. I always joke that when I go fast enough that parts fly off.  Haha.  So we pull over and go trekking down the road in search of the taillight. I was convinced I’d have to replace it again and trust me its a huge pain in the ovaries. 

Eventually we found it and miraculously it was intact.  I doubted the light bulbs had survived though and decided that who needs such frivolous things such as taillights.   Shocked the shit out of me… the light bulbs survived.

So how was I going to reattach the damned thing?  I ended up asking some kids in a garage for tape and Thanks to their stoner selves my taillight is held on by neon green tape. :)

Onwards. We met up w Ed and headed to pugs.  What a blast! I got my dancing in and was lucky enough to be able to drink because Ed was super awesome and drove us. My sitter was even more awesome for having her brother pick her up.  So it was a worry free night out.

We didn’t get back to my house until late but still got up bright and early to take the kids to the Air and Water show down in the city.  Noodle was so excited to ride the train for the first time, it was so cute. 

We had a bit of a hard time at first getting to the beach but once we got there it was a blast.  A quick stop at Rys moms house for dinner and we were on our way home.

I think lil Noodle had a little too much excitement today because the poor thing had stomach issues after we got back but she seems to be doing better now. :)

All in all a good rebound to the weekend.


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